Sharp: Delisting Of Wolf Great News For Oregon Cattle Producers

In late October, the Interior Department announced plans to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List, and turn management over to the states and tribal government. Tom Sharp President of the Oregon Cattlemen’s association attended last month’s announcement, and said this is good news for local producers for a variety of reasons. He […]

Wildlife Groups To Challenge Recent Gray Wolf Decision

Wildlife advocates and environmental groups have announced that they are challenging the removal of federal protections for gray wolves across most of the U.S. Two coalitions filed formal notices over the past several days that they plan to sue the U.S. Interior Department in federal court unless protections are restored. The notices are required as […]

Conservation Groups Increase Reward For Poaching Information

Conservation organizations and groups are chipping in $7,300 of reward money for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the poaching of an 18 month old female wolf in Baker County. The wolf was discovered by an elk hunter who reported it to the Oregon State Police. Investigators said the wolf […]

WDFW: Delisting Changes Little In Washington

With the Department of the Interior’s decision to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act, wolf management in Washington now falls predominantly on the state Department of Fish and Wildlife. WDFW Wolf Coordinator Julia Smith said the delisting will not lead to many changes for the department since 21 of Washington’s 26 packs […]

WPC: Delisting Of Gray Wolf A “Success Story for ESA”

Last week’s announced by the Department of the Interior that the gray wolf will be removed from the Endangered Species List is, according to Todd Myers, Director of the Environmental Center at the Washington Policy Center, a victory of the Endangered Species Act. He noted the EAS does not have a great track record when […]

Interior Delists Gray Wolf

On Thursday, the Department of the Interior announced it has removed the gray wolf from the endangered species list, signaling a successful recovery under the Endangered Species Act. The gray wolf spent more than four decades on the endangered species list, and federal officials say the population is now thriving in the lower 48 states. […]

Judge Sides With WDFW On Pack Removal

Last week, a King County judge sided with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s 2019 decision to remove the Old Profanity Territory wolf pack. In August, WDFW decided to lethally remove the four final members for the Ferry County pack, after it was determined the OPT was responsible for 29 depredations over the previous […]

Wolf Activity Keeps ODFW Busy

The final week of May has been a busy one for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Crews were called to a possible wolf depredation in Klamath County Saturday, May 23rd. The skeletal remains of a 650 lbs. yearling steer were found on private grass pastureland. ODFW crews are still investigating that incident. Crews […]

ODFW Called To Wolf Depredation In Swamp Creek Area

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says a Wallowa County area wolf pack is responsible for a recent depredation. On Thursday, May 21st, a producer found an injured, two-month-old, 130-pound calf in a large public land grazing allotment. The calf was transported to a vet clinic for treatment. ODFW said the calf had a […]

Idaho Lawmakers Looking At Allowing Year Round Wolf Hunting

Because of the growing population and the increase in the amount of depredations, lawmakers in Idaho are looking at allowing for wolf hunts year round, rather than the current specific season.  The legislation, Senate Bill 1247, introduced by Twin Falls Republican Bert Brackett would create 11 big game hunting units.  The Washington Ag Network’s Riley […]