High Vaccination Rate Reported Among H-2A Workers

Thanks to a variety of efforts, the H-2A farmworker community has reported a high rate of COVID-19 vaccinations. Dan Fazio, CEO of WAFLA, the Washington Farm Labor Association, said Medical Teams International has been working on issuing vaccinations along with local health jurisdictions and farmworker clinics. And that has resulted, he noted in a vaccination […]

Future Of Ag Immigration Reform Up In The Air

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled against the Democrats’ plan to provide eight million green cards as a part of their $3.5 trillion spending bill. According to The Hill, that decision makes getting immigration reform to President Biden’s desk much harder. The American Farm Bureau Federation noted that Ag labor reform in a partisan manner would […]

Vilsack Goes To Congress To Discuss Ag Labor Concerns

As lawmakers continue deliberation how to best address issues associated with farm labor and availability. “I’m here today simply to advocate on behalf of American agriculture and these workers, maintain that the capacity of this great food and agriculture industry that can either provide the benefits that we all enjoy in this country, and at […]

When It Comes To Ag Labor, Pay Is Not The Issue, Naerebout Says

Ag labor is the top issue for many agricultural operations across the Pacific Northwest, but many in the farming community feel lawmakers in D.C. continue to kick the problem down the road. While fruits and vegetables typically come to mind when talking about Ag labor, Rick Naerebout, CEO of the Idaho Dairyman’s Association says their […]

Duvall: Securing the Border Not A Prerequisite for Labor Reform

American Farm Bureau President Zippy Duval says the demand from the national organization and state farm bureaus’ that the Biden Administration secure the southern border is not a precondition for backing migrant farm labor reform, despite others say it should be. Duval said the Farm Bureau wants the border secured for the safety of farmers […]

NMPF Pleased With Effort To Make Dairy Producers Eligible For H-2A

Last week, the National Milk Producers Federation expressed their pleasure with an amendment to the Homeland Security Appropriations bill, proposed by representatives Dan Newhouse and Henry Cuellar that will allow the dairy industry to participate in the H-2A program. NMPF’s Senior Vice President for Government Relations Paul Bleiberg, said the amendment is very important to the […]

Newhouse-Cuellar Amendment Would Allow All Of Agriculture To Participate In H-2A

On Tuesday, central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and Henry Cuellar from south Texas introduced the 2022 Homeland Security Appropriations Act. The legislation, approved by the House Committee on Appropriations would allow the H-2A program to be used year-round in Fiscal Year 2022. Allowing the program to be used year-rounds would open it to additional sectors of […]

Fazio: Ag Community Has Been Doing The Right Thing During The Pandemic

Saying “better late than never”, the Washington Farm Bureau and the Washington Farm Labor Association are breathing a sigh of relief, after Governor Jay Inslee, the State Department of Labor and the Health Department revised emergency housing rules for farmworkers. WAFLA Executive Director, Dan Fazio said removing the masking and social distancing requirements makes perfect […]

Schmick: Overtime Bill Biggest Win For Ag In 2021 Session

On Wednesday, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a bill that established overtime for the Ag community. The new law will step the hours per week need to trigger overtime until it hits 40 hours in early 2024. Colfax Republican Joe Schmick said for him, that Ag overtime legislation was the biggest win for […]

Douglas Fruit Holds Pasco Mass Vaccination Event

As efforts continue in farm country to protect Ag workers from COVID-19, Douglas Fruit held a mass vaccination event Friday at their Pasco area warehouse. Lindsey Peonio said the one day event was open for all Douglas Fruit and Douglas Ag Services employees. She noted the want to provide a safe environment for their workers, […]