USDA Announces Expansion, Other Improvements to Hemp Crop Insurance

On Monday, the USDA announced the expansion of the pilot Multi-Peril Crop Insurance plan for hemp. The expansion and other improvements to the plan, will begin in the 2021 crop year. USDA Risk Management Agency Administrator Martin Barbre said, “Hemp offers exciting economic opportunities for our nation’s farmers, and we are listening and responding to […]

USDA Continues To Review Hemp Program Comments

The USDA has approved the hemp plans for half of the states in the U.S. and nearly 40 tribes. However, the USDA is also in the process of reviewing public comments for the U.S. domestic hemp production program interim final rule. “We’re interested to hear feedback on topics like disposal under mediation of non-compliant plants, […]

First Hemp Organization Officially Recognized by USDA Foreign Ag Service

The National Industrial Hemp Council announced last week it had received $200,000 in funds from the USDA’s Market Access Program. Those funds will support export market development for industrial hemp. “We are grateful for the USDA confidence and the recognition of NIHC as the industry leader in industrial hemp trade and marketing,” says Kevin Latner, […]

New Program Seeks to Close Gaps in US Hemp Supply Chain

High Grade Hemp Seed this week introduced a Farm Partner Program seeking to make consistent, compliant production a reality for the U.S. hemp market. Co-created by Center Pivot Group, the new Farm Partner Program will provide an infrastructure for hemp producers that guarantees a price for hemp flower at harvest. The harvested hemp must be […]

K-State Researchers Looking At Hemp As Possible Feed

Hemp could become another feed alternative for cattle in the near future. A pair of studies at Kansas State University is bringing new insight to farmers and producers seeking to incorporate industrial hemp in cattle feed. Hans Coetzee, K-State professor and head of the anatomy and physiology department in the College of Veterinary Medicine, said […]

USDA Reopens Hemp Comment Period

The USDA has reopened the comment period for domestic hemp production under the interim final rule. “Last October, we published the interim final rules for the production of hemp,” noted Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator, Bruce Summers. “And when we did that we said that we would get stakeholders an additional opportunity comments on their experience […]

CFAP Expansion Doesn’t Include Hemp, Growers Respond

U.S. Hemp growers are disappointed the recent CFAP expansion does not include hemp. Last week, the USDA expanded the commodities covered under the program that provides COVID-19 relief to producers. CFAP includes commodities that USDA can prove saw losses of 5% or more in the first quarter of 2020. The U.S. Hemp Growers Association said […]

Hemp Growers Looking to Establish Checkoff

The National Industrial Hemp Council and the Hemp Industries Association have entered into an agreement to look into the possibility of establishing a marketing checkoff program for hemp. “Today is another step forward in the right direction for hemp farmers and consumers of hemp-related products,” says Patrick Atagi, board chair of NIHC. “A checkoff program […]

Hemp Farmers Taking Education To The Local Level

Increasing consumer education of industrial hemp and the many potential products that can be derived from it. Several supporters of hemp say that will be a major part of the creation of demand for their commodity and building their industry. One of those is Bill Cook with the Missouri Hemp Association, which is taking consumer […]

Many Changes To Hemp Reported Between 2014, 2018 Farm Bills

USDA General Counsel Stephen Vaden points to some of the major differences between authorities for hemp in the 2014 versus the 2018 Farm Bills. “While the 2014 authority referred only to states and certain research institutions, meaning universities, the 2018 Farm Bill explicitly includes Indian tribes. Another major difference is how USDA’s role has changed […]