Stimulus Talks Remain Hopeful

Hopes a COVID-19 stimulus package can be completed before the November election are increasing. With President Trump and many staffers in the White House testing positive for the virus over the last week, Trump has indicated support for a new stimulus package. Trump stated via Twitter over the weekend, the nation “wants and needs” stimulus, […]

Mnuchin Offers Hope For Farm Assistance In New Relief Package

New pandemic relief for agriculture may be back on the table after Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin agreed last week to try to resurrect failed talks with Congressional Democrats. Mnuchin said he recently spoke by phone with Speaker Nancy Pelosi after a key Democrat asked him to do so at a House hearing, where the Secretary […]

Rural Broadband Takes Center Stage Nationally

Rural broadband needs are drawing renewed attention of lawmakers nationwide as more and more schools and colleges turn to remote learning. The Pew Research Center estimates about 15% of all households with school-age children lack high-speed internet and poor FCC mapping means the number could be higher. During a recent Ag subcommittee hearing, story after […]

Rural Broadband Remains Key Issue During Coronavirus Relief Debates

Rural Broadband remains a top priority for farm-state lawmakers in any new pandemic relief package. House Ag lawmakers say expanding rural broadband is a must for business development, telemedicine, education, and agriculture. “Rural communities with particularly, Ag economies, could really start to expand their areas of focus and investment if this country would invest in […]

As Farmers Wait, Republicans, Democrats Argue Over Size Of Next Relief Package

Pandemic aid for farmers and others hangs in the balance as Democrats and Republicans in Washington D.C. continue to blame each other for the lack of progress in talks on a major new virus relief package. The nation faces what many have called, an economic cliff, while lawmakers face a political one. The August recess appears […]

Coronavirus Relief Includes $20 Billion for Agriculture

The Senate is out with its coronavirus relief package, which includes an expected $20 billion for agriculture. The relief package worth $1 trillion released this week by Republican leadership in the Senate, however, falls short, according to Democrats. And, Congress will need to act quickly and reach an agreement to pass a bill before expanded […]

Peterson Wants Additional Spending Power For USDA Head

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson wants new spending authority for the Secretary of Agriculture in the next virus relief bill. The Minnesota Democrat says his proposal allows the USDA to help livestock producers…and to speed funding for off-the-shelf disease response plans. “In the Heroes Act, I’m giving the Secretary that authority, and I’m going […]