Rising Fertilizer Costs A Concern For Farming Community

Regardless of what you grow or where you grow it, one of the most popular topics of conversation in the farming community is the soaring price of fertilizers. “It’s been a perfect storm of high input costs, high transportation costs, shutdowns…” a sample of testimony at a recent House Agriculture Committee hearing, and indeed even […]

AFBF Throws Support Behind The Cattle Price Discovery And Transparency Act

The Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act introduced last week looks to provide what supporters of the legislation call fairness in cattle markets. Farm Bureau Congressional Relations Director Scott Bennett said the legislation, a compromise of bills by Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska, has potential. “This act has many […]

Supply Chain Holes Will Take Time to Fill

Supply chain issues are challenging the agricultural sector, and farmers and ranchers hoping for quick solutions may be out of luck. A recent House Ag Committee hearing focused on transportation problems that are slowing the export of goods and commodities across the U.S. and the world. Gregg Doud, a former USTR Chief Ag Trade Negotiator, […]

Supply Chain Crisis Could Permanently Harm U.S. Agriculture

The current supply chain crisis could cause more than delays an inconveniences for the farming community. Leprino Foods President and CEO Mike Durkin told the House Agriculture Committee Wednesday, “This export crisis may well result in irreparable harm to American agriculture as customers around the world are questioning the U.S. dairy industry’s reliability as a […]

As Dems Debate Build Back Better, Ag Waits

Last week, President Biden failed to convince enough progressive members of his party to agree to his Build Back Better legislation, forcing House Speaker Pelosi to punt the effort last week, again leaving the farming community in limbo. Roughly $28 billion in conservation, rural development, and forestry aid, as well as $65 billion for rural […]

House Ag Committee Hearing on Supply Chain Disruptions

The House Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on supply chain issues on Wednesday, November 3rd. The hearing, titled “The Immediate Challenges to our Nation’s Food Supply Chain,” will address the wide-ranging supply disruptions in the U.S. food and agricultural sectors. The American Soybean Association led the effort for members of the Ag CEO Council […]

Experts Testify Gene Editing Is Key To Feed A Growing Population

Whether plant or animal, biotech experts told House Ag lawmakers this week, gene editing is the key to producing enough food to feed the estimated ten billion people on the planet by the middle of this century. Fan-Li Chou with the American Seed Trade Association said gene editing is already producing the crops needed to […]

House Lawmakers Continue To Discuss Livestock Issues

On Thursday, lawmakers on the House Agriculture Committee held another hearing on livestock market issues, hearing from producers, packers, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and other lawmakers. Scott Bennett, American Farm Bureau Federation Congressional Relations Director, said the hearing included testimony from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. “It’s the first time in modern history that a sitting […]

House Ag Committee OKs Newhouse’s Bill To Preserve Fairs

On Tuesday, The House Ag Committee passed the Agricultural Fairs Rescue Act by a unanimous voice vote. House Resolution 2424 was introduced last year by Dan Newhouse, chair of the  Western Caucus, to help preserve ag fairs across the country and offset the devastating financial losses those fairs have experienced due to the pandemic. The […]

House Ag Dems Approve Spending Measure

On Monday, House Ag Committee Democrats approved an incomplete spending package as part of the Build Back Better Act. The legislation will be added with sections approved by other committees to be compiled by the House Budget Committee later this month. The agriculture spending legislation includes $18 billion in rural job-promoting investments through USDA’s Rural […]