Newhouse: Ag Labor Issue On Pause In Senate

As lawmakers start a new year in Washington D.C., one of the biggest questions the farming community is hoping to see addressed revolves around Ag labor and immigration reform. Dan Newhouse, coauthor of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, said despite passing the House, the legislation has stalled in the Senate, primarily because President Biden’s Build […]

Halstrom: Ocean Shipping Reform Act Great News For Beef Exporters

The U.S. Meat Export Federation is applauding the House of Representatives after passing the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which looks to make it easier for American Ag products to find a ride to overseas destinations. While red meat exports are on a record pace this year, USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom said shipping delays […]

Schrier’s Ocean Shipping Reform Act Clears The House

Last week, the House passed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, legislation cosponsored by Washington representative Kim Schrier, as an effort to address some of the supply chain issues. In recent months, ocean liners from China and other countries have been returning to their home ports empty after delivering to the U.S., making it hard for […]

House Democrats Says Infrastructure Bill Is Moving Forward

The fate of a trillion-dollar Senate-passed infrastructure bill now rests on a commitment by House Democratic leaders to hold a late September vote, but still do so after a final budget package popular with progressives is ready. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Rules Chairman Jim McGovern guaranteed their offer to Democratic moderates, to hold a […]

House to Consider Appropriation Bills

In a flurry of activity ahead of the August recess, the House of Representatives will consider appropriation bills this week, including the agriculture spending bill. The process began Monday with the House Rules Committee. The 2022 agriculture spending bill provides discretionary funding of $26.5 billion, an increase of $2.8 billion, or 12% above 2021. In […]

AFBF Supports Effort To Increase CCC Borrowing Limit

Legislation recently introduced in the House of Representatives would expand Commodity Credit Corporation borrowing authority from $30 billion to $68 billion. American Farm Bureau Federation Congressional Relations Director Andrew Walmsley says this would be the first CCC funding increase since 1987. “The $68 billion would be what inflation adjusted numbers would be for the Commodity […]

Bentz Appointed To House Natural Resources Committee

On Monday, eastern Oregon’s Cliff Bentz was appointed to the House Natural Resources Committee. Bentz says the appointment is an excellent fit, and will provide him the opportunity to apply his unique knowledge of water, energy, carbon, forests, minerals, and federal land management. “I am honored to have been appointed to the House Natural Resources […]

House Passes Amended Heroes Act

The House of Representatives passed a $2.2 trillion coronavirus aid package that Democrats say is an update to the previous $3.4 billion bill that passed in May. The vote was 214 to 207, with 18 Democrats joining all the Republicans who voted against it. The legislation includes aid to ethanol plants, livestock producers who had […]

House Passes a Clean Energy Bill

The House of Representatives passed a broad bill that intends to help the U.S. boost energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in an effort to combat climate change. According to The Hill the chamber passed the 900-page Clean Energy and Jobs Innovation Act by a 220-185 vote late last week. The legislation intends to create […]