Ricks: 2021 A Good Year For Hay Growers That Had Water

When looking back on the 2021 growing season, the heat and drought conditions made the year challenging for most commodities, and Idaho hay was no exception. Will Ricks, President of the Idaho Hay and Forage Association says the one-two punch of drought conditions and record heat was difficult on dryland hay growers. “Now, for those […]

Vilsack: The USDA Will Do More To Help Producers Hurt By Western Drought

The drought here in the west is on the mind of the Ag Secretary. “Could lead potentially to people having to sell their herds because they can’t simply afford the cost of maintaining them.” Tom Vilsack recently to announced the expansion of the Emergency Livestock Assistance Program [ELAP], specifically to help producers that need assistance […]

President Biden Addresses Wildfires During Trip To PNW

Saying politics has no place at the table, President Joe Biden met with officials at the Interagency Fire Center in Boise Monday. Biden said both parties need to work together to address the obvious impacts of climate change. “It’s not a democrat thing, it’s not a republican thing, it’s a weather thing. It’s a reality. […]

Sowers: Heat Has Had A Big Impact On PNW Canola

The extreme heat from this summer had a significant impact on the canola crop across the Pacific Northwest. According to Karen Sowers, Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Canola Association, the effects on winter and spring canola were consistent across the region. She noted winter canola yields are down 10-40% from last year. Meanwhile the […]

Above Normal Temperatures Expected To Continue Through Friday

The warm weather was a nice surprise for many who enjoyed barbecues or outdoor plans with family and friends over the Labor Day weekend. But for the Ag community, after the hot dry summer the PNW experienced, many are ready for cooler temperatures, and hopefully some rain. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service […]

AP Illiad “The Best Of Both Worlds”

Wheat growers, as you look ahead to next year, you may be searching for a new variety after the struggles of 2021. Riley Hille with AgriPro said this fall, their newest variety AP Illiad moves into full production. She added that they really hit their stride with this soft white winter variety. “Kind of the […]

Northwest Remains In Wildfire Crisis

The Northwest remains in a wildfire crisis. “There has been an increase in wildfire activity across northern California in particular over the last several days as we’ve seen southwesterly to westerly winds blowing pretty hard across some of the wildfire areas in the Sierra Nevada.” USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey, said he expects this difficult weather […]

UI To Lead Research Project Focused On PNW Rangelands

Researchers from the University of Idaho, the University of Michigan and The Ohio State University have teamed up for five year project to study impact of stressors on humans, plants and animals on rangeland in Idaho and Oregon. UI assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management, Sophie Gilbert, said the research was prompted by Western rangelands facing […]

Growers Reminded To Be Patient When Dealing With Crop Insurance

This year has been very disappointing for wheat growers for a variety of reasons, whether that’s because of poor yields, high protein numbers or a host of other issues. Because of that, more and more growers are turning to crop insurance to help offset the disappointments of 2021. Washington State University’s Aaron Esser, said when […]

Blach Anticipates Improved Prices for U.S. Cattle Industry

When it comes to the future of the Cattle industry, CattleFax CEO Randy Blach said there’s reason for optimism. “Prices are going to get higher next year, the year after, and probably all the way into 2024. So, we should see improved profitability for the industry in total, which is really needed. We need to […]