Oregon Remains Dry As Spring Starts

Spring may only be a few days old, but there are several locations that are very dry for this time of year. According to the latest USDA numbers, nearly 13% of Oregon is under a D-3, or Extreme Drought. Most of that is confined to Klamath and Lake counties as well as Central Oregon. In […]

Oregon Remains Dry As February Comes To An End

Despite several systems hitting the Northwest over the past couple of weeks, Oregon remains very dry. Roughly 87% of the state is Abnormally Dry for this time of year, while 51% is in a D-2, or Severe Drought, and 14% is in a D-3, Extreme Drought. Only 12% of the state is on par with […]

Northwest Drought Numbers Improve But Far From Normal

Drought conditions across the Northwest improved this week, but that does not mean the region is where is should be for this time of year. Oregon continues to struggle with drought, with nearly 22% of the state under a D3 designation, or Extreme Drought, and 55% at a D2, or Severe Drought. In fact only […]

2020 One Of The Worst Wildfire Years On Record

In case you needed another reason to be happy that 2020 is behind us. “It appears that a modern U.S. record has been set for wildfire acreage during the extraordinarily active western wildfire season of 2020,” USDA meteorologist, Brad Rippey recently said. He noted this really should not come as a surprise, after what we […]

Northwest Remains Very Dry

Despite recent rain and snow showers, the Northwest remains very dry. The latest topsoil numbers from the USDA have 92% of the state of Oregon Abnormally Dry, 84% under a Moderate Drought, 69% of the state under a D-2, or Severe Drought, while nearly 30% of the state is under a D-3 or Extreme Drought. […]

Extreme Drought Declared In Washington, Expanding In Oregon

The results of a long, hot, dry summer became official Thursday, as the USDA declared an Extreme Drought, or D-3 designation for Central Washington, stretching from Okanogan County to the Oregon border. National Weather Service Meteorologist Marilyn Lohmann said the new designation follows the rain shadow created by the Cascades. “Even through that area does […]

Hot Weather Expected Over Next Two Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been relatively cool across the Inland Northwest. And those below average temperatures have been good news for drought conditions. But things are going to change over the next couple of days. Marilyn Lohman, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said temperatures are going to climb into the 90’s with […]

Dry Conditions Continue To Spread Across The Northwest

The latest figures from the USDA show that the Northwest is drying out. Currently most of western Washington OK, and portions of Spokane and Asotin counties are on par with their soil moisture levels for this time of year. Outside of that, much of the Evergreen state is under some type of drought designation. Currently, […]

Drought Numbers Continue To Expand Across the Northwest

Many sections of the Northwest are dry for this time of year. According to the latest USDA figures, 40% of Washington is considered Abnormally Dry, while nearly 23% of the state is under the D1, or Moderate Drought, designation. Those designations are found exclusively in Central Washington, stretching from the Columbia River to the Canadian […]

Northwest Dry For Mid-March

Spring has yet to start, but the Northwest is already drying out. According to the latest USDA numbers, 40% of Washington is Abnormally Dry, or the D0 designation, while 22% is under the D1 classification, which is a Moderate Drought. Drought conditions continue to expand in Oregon; over 55% of the state is under the […]