Tax Relief, Water, Two Of The Top Issues IFBF Will Watch In Upcoming Session

As state lawmakers prepare to kick off the 2021 legislative session, the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation said there will a host of issues the Ag community should watch very closely. Braden Jensen, Deputy Director of Governmental Affairs with the IFBF, said property tax reform is one of the top issues the Idaho Ag community and […]

Ellis: 2020 Turned Out To Be A Solid Year For Many Idaho Farmers

Despite the pandemic, the disruption to supply chains, struggles with trade as well as everything else 2020 threw at the American farmer, the past year was a fairy good one for Idaho farmers. Sean Ellis with the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation said while the situation looked dire for potatoes and milk early on, both commodities […]

Idahoans Selected To Serve On AFBF Committees

In early December, three member of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation were chosen to join national committees with the American Farm Bureau Federation. Alan Clark, a rancher and farmer from Rigby, was selected to serve a two-year term on AFBF’s Promotion and Education Committee. The 10-member committee focuses on helping to promote agriculture as well […]

IFBF Throws Support For Consumers To Purchase Meat From Ranchers

During the 81st annual meeting in early December, the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation voiced support for several proposals looking to make it easier consumers to purchase meat directly from ranchers across the state. Lori Anne Lau President of Caribou County Farm Bureau, said one proposal that received traction encourages the state to develop a meat […]

Idaho Reports Top Per Capita Farm Numbers In 2019

Earlier this month, the USDA released 2019 farm income numbers, which showed Idaho tops in a variety of categories. Sean Ellis with the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation pointed out the Gem State is tops out of the 11 western states when it came to per capita Farm Cash Receipts in 2019. Ellis pointed out agriculture […]

AFBF: Active Management Of Federal Lands Needed

The American Farm Bureau Federation as well as 13 state Farm Bureaus, which included Washington, Oregon and Idaho, penned a letter last week, urging lawmakers to support the Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020. AFBF Public Policy Director Ryan Yates says the legislation would provide managers of federal wildlands more resources. “The Emergency […]

Idaho Farm Bureau Stressing the Importance Of The 2020 Census

Rural America is being reminded the importance of participating in the 2020 Census. Done every ten years to chart the growth and evolution of America’s population, the Census is used to determine representation in a variety of ways. Sean Ellis with the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation says its important farm country considers how important, and […]

AFBF Supports Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act

The American Farm Bureau Federation wants Congress to give federal land management agencies additional tools and resources to prevent and recover from catastrophic wildfires. AFBF and 13 state Farm Bureaus, including Washington, Oregon and Idaho, sent a letter Wednesday to Senate leadership supporting the Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020. The Farm Bureaus […]

Searle: Uncertainty Weighing On The Minds Of Growers

In a typical year, farmer have a host of questions about their livelihood. From farm labor, to state and federal legislation and weather can create sleepless nights. And in 2020, that insomnia is made worse by the coronavirus pandemic. “Eyes are on just trying to grow crops, what’s the future holing, where are we going […]

Searle: It Is Critical Farm Country Casts Their Vote

The general election may be months away, but farm organizations are trying to excite growers now to cast their ballot. Bryan Searle president of the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation said your ballot will have a variety of races, from local up to federal that will have a direct impact on the ability of farmers to […]