Idaho Addressing First Cases of RHD

State officials in Idaho recently confirmed two cases of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in two wild jackrabbits in Ada County. Idaho state Department of Agriculture veterinarian, Dr. Scott Leibsle, said RHD is extremely contagious for both wild and domestic rabbits, making it especially concerning for the agriculture community. “The concern is that we’ve identified RHD in wild […]

RHD Discovered Across the Northwest

The Oregon and Idaho Departments of Agriculture are warning owners to be on the lookout for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease. The Virus causes sudden death in rabbits and is highly contagious among rabbit populations and spreads very questions. Earlier this month, ODA received a report of a eight rabbits found dead in the Portland suburb of […]

ISDA Continues To Watch For Transport Of Invasive Mussels

If you travel from one northwest state to another, you’ll notice a boat inspection stop at the border. This is an effort to prevent invasive species, specifically the zebra mussel from moving across the region, infecting water systems. Lloyd Knight with the Idaho state Department of Agriculture says zebra mussels can have a huge economic […]

Bill In Idaho Senate Would Look At Financial Implications Of Manure

Last week, a state senate panel approved legislation requiring Idaho officials to consider economic impact when imposing pollution regulations on farms and ranches because of the cattle manure produced. By a 5-3 vote, the bill moves to the full Senate for a vote. It’s estimated that the hundreds of thousands of cows across Idaho product […]

Idaho Specialty Crop Program Offers Nearly $2M Statewide

The Idaho state Department of Agriculture’s annual specialty crop block grant program was much more popular in 2020 compared to just a year earlier. ISDA said 17 different projects were awarded $1.8 million, specifically to help specialty crop growers across the state. The funds from the specialty crop block grant program will be used to […]

Departments Of Ag Warning Of Unsolicited Seeds from China

Numerous state agriculture departments, including the those in Washington and Idaho, along with the USDA are urging consumers not to plant seeds sent to them from China. Americans across the country report receiving unsolicited seeds from China in packages labeled as jewelry. These unknown seeds are a concern for American farmers, as they could be […]