USMEF Asking For Additional Changes To Japan’s Safeguard

The U.S. Trade Representative’s office recently updated the status of its consultations with Japan when it comes to the Safeguard of U.S. beef. Dan Halstrom, President and CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation said while he appreciates the effort to prioritize the Safeguard update, more needs to be done. Halstrom said American exports triggered […]

Idaho Ag Exports May Set A Record In 2021

Idaho’s value of Ag exports could be on pace to set another record this year. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, $778 million worth of agricultural products were exported out of Idaho through the end of September. According to the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation, that was an 11% increase during the same time period in […]

Report: U.S. Trade Falling Behind Global Competitors

The Corn Refiners Association released a new report this week revealing the United States is behind its competitors in reducing global trade barriers. The report, which tracked trade agreements since 2010, shows several nations have outpaced the U.S. in the creation of new bilateral and multilateral trade arrangements, including China, Japan, the European Union, and […]

USMEF: Exports To China Continue To Climb; Not At The Expense Of Other Markets

Demand for U.S. beef in China continues to move at a brisk pace. U.S. Meat Export Federation economist Erin Borror says U.S. beef exports to China are “soaring”, but not at the expense of other major markets like Korea or Japan. “This is where it gets exciting because China’s demand for grain fed beef is […]

Report: U.S. Animal Protein Needs Trade Negotiators Back at the Table

A report from CoBank shows animal agriculture needs trade negotiators at the table to build export markets. The report says the recent nomination of a chief agriculture negotiator with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is an important step forward. However, Elaine Trevino has yet to be confirmed by the Senate. U.S. animal protein […]

Halstrom: USTR At Full Strength Good for USMEF, All Of Ag

Many in farm country were happy to hear the nomination earlier this month of Elaine Trevino to serve as chief Ag negotiator at USTR. U.S. Meat Export Federation President and CEO Dan Halstrom said President Biden’s nomination is significant on a number of fronts. “Number one is it’s a key position to get some of […]

Taylor: Trade, Slaughter & Processing Facilities Priorities Heading Into 2022

The last two years for Oregon agriculture have been very challenging to say the least. In 2020, producers dealt with not only the worldwide pandemic that shutdown the supply chain, but also historic wildfires over the summer and Labor Day weekend. And in 2021, not only have the impacts of COVID-19 stuck around, but producers […]

July Beef Exports Set Record While Pork Value Remains Strong

U.S. beef exports set another value record in July. Data recently released by USDA and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation shows export value climbed 45% year-over-year to just over $939 million, while volume was the third largest of the post-BSE era at 122,743 metric tons, up 14% year-over-year. July beef exports to the […]

Japanese Beetle Population In South Central Washington Concerning For WSDA

Last week, the Washington State Department of Agriculture announced that the Japanese beetle population continues to grow in Yakima and Benton counties. Since the announcement of the outbreak of this invasive species, the WSDA has caught 20,000 beetles, with an anticipation of even more beetles before the growing season comes to an end. The beetles […]

Beef Exports Very Strong During The First Half Of 2021

U.S. Beef exports were very strong during the first half of 2021. According to the U.S Meat Export Federation, exports through June reached 700,087 metric tons, up 18% from the same time period a year ago, with a value of $4.64 billion, up 28% from last year. USMEF Economist Erin Borror said the beef export […]