Newhouse: Farming Community Must Remain Vocal About The Importance Of The Snake River Dams

Both Republicans and Democrats have initiated studies looking at removing the lower Snake River dams. One of the more high-profile studies is being supported by Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Washington’s senior senator Patty Murray. Dan Newhouse, chair of the Western Caucus, said multiple studies have demonstrated the many benefits of those dams for irrigation, […]

Washington Fish & Wildlife To Look at Invasive European Green Crab Issue

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will discuss the invasive European green crab, lower Columbia River white sturgeon, commercial shellfish regulation and much more during a virtual meeting slated for Thursday through Saturday. The Commission kicks off work Thursday with meetings of its Big Tent, Habitat, and Fish committees to discuss several items, including the […]

Legislation Looks At Reevaluating Where Clean Energy Projects Should Be Built In Washington

It’s a trend you see across the Pacific Northwest; farm acres being converted into alternative energy projects, either wind or solar farms. But one Washington lawmaker says more questions need to be asked before additional production acres are lost. Walla Walla Representative Mark Klicker is sponsoring House Bill 1871, which would establish a moratorium on […]

WPC: Proposed Legislation Punishes Rural Washington, Farmers

The Washington farming community is buzzing about legislation that many fear will kill the Ag economy across the state. House Bill 1838, looks to mandate riparian buffers around all waters statewide in an effort to help fish restoration and address climate change. Under the proposed legislation the state would have the power to require forested […]

Truck Hours Extended In Washington

Because of the hazardous driving conditions, and the closure of the three Washington Cascades passes Governor Jay Inslee issued a weather-related Emergency proclamation. The action waives commercial driver hours for drivers who are collecting or delivering essential supplies and services. The original weather-related emergency order will remain in effect until rescinded. The commercial driver hours […]

McMorris Rodgers: We Are Working To Protect The Dams

Back in October, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced he and Senator Patty Murray were exploring options to breaching the lower Snake River dams. Eastern Washington Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers said it’s vital for the Pacific Northwest farming community that these four dams remain. “They are so important to our region.  And we are working every […]

Governor’s Office Not Happy With WAFLA Op-Ed

Recently, Dan Fazio Executive Director of the Washington Farm Labor Association, better known as WAFLA, wrote an Op-Ed piece that ran in the Seattle Times stating that roughly 95% of foreign farmworkers were vaccinated this year and that no one had died from COVID-19. That op-ed didn’t sit well with Governor Jay Inslee’s office which […]

Schoesler Critical Of Study Looking At Removal Of Snake River Dams

Last month, Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced that he and senator Patty Murray were exploring options to breach the lower Snake River dams. Conservation groups and northwest tribes have increased efforts as of recent to remove the four dams located between Lewiston, ID and Pasco, WA. Those dams are located in state Senator Mark Schoesler’s […]

Inslee, Murray Looking At Ways To Remove the Snake River Dams

Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Senator Patty Murray are exploring options to breach the lower Snake River dams. According to the Spokesman-Review, Inslee made that announcement during a virtual gathering of Washington environmentalists Thursday. During a fundraiser organized by Washington Conservation Voters, the governor said he and Washington’s senior senator are working on “a rigorous, […]

Schoesler Worries Mandate Will Hurt 4-H Programs

Starting October 18th, Washington government employees, including teachers, police officers and others, need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Add to that list 4-H volunteers across the state. Washington lawmakers connected with the farming community worry this mandate will hurt the program and discourage people from volunteering. “The 4-H program is something incredibly valuable for […]