Kretz: More Needs To Be Done To Prevent Massive Wildfires Before They Start

During October’s Washington Policy Center Virtual Farm Hall, members of the Ag community gathered to discuss some of the key issues facing the farming community now and into the future. And one of those topics was wildfires. Wildfires have caused a great amount of damage to the Washington Ag community in recent years, whether it […]

Kretz: Legislation Would Distinguish Between “USA Beef” And Imported

Truth in Labeling has been a topic of discussion during the short 2020 legislative session in Olympia, leading to several proposed bills that will impact the farm community.  One, proposed by Representative Joel Kretz looks to require retailers to post a sign in the immediate vicinity to distinguish between “USA beef and “imported” products.  For […]

Kretz Pushing WDFW To Prioritize Radio Collars

What’s to be done about the growing wolf population in Washington, and the growing number of depredations attributed to those wolves?   Northeast Washington representative Joel Kretz, says for producers to protect their livelihood and their income, they need to know where the wolves are.  That’s why the Wauconda Republican introduced House Bill 2906, which […]

Truth In Labeling Legislation Clears House Ag Committee

By a 12-2 vote Wednesday, the Washington House Ag Committee voted to approve HB 2696 to the floor for a full vote.  According to legislation author Tom Dent, the bill addresses meat and poultry misbranding.  Dent said he’s not opposed to alternative proteins in the marketplace, but he wants consumers to know what they are […]

Kretz Introduces Labeling Legislation

Washington state Representative Joel Kretz is sponsoring legislation in Olympia that he says would clarify from where beef comes.  The Wauconda Republican said it’s important to bring back truth in labeling, to ensure the general public understands if a product comes from the U.S. or not.   House Bill 2712 would require retailers to post […]