Federal Judge Rejects USDA Changes to H-2A Program

A federal court in California issued a preliminary injunction against the Labor Department’s decision to freeze farm workers’ wages for those that use the H-2A Program. Fruit and Nut Grower News said the freeze would effectively lower the wages of several hundred thousand guest farm workers employed in the United States. A preliminary injunction was […]

Labor Department Finalizes H-2A Wage Rule

On Monday, the Labor Department issued a final rule that updates the methodology for determining the annual Adverse Effect Wage Rates in the H-2A visa program. The Trump administration claims the new rule improves the consistency of the wage rates, provides stronger protections for workers, and establishes better stability and predictability for employers. Agriculture Secretary […]

Use of H-2A Slowing, Says Labor Department

New data shows that 2019 growth in the H-2A program is slowing.  According to the Labor Department, the number of on the farm position requests increased just 2% this year, compared to a 29% increase in 2018.  American Farm Bureau Federation Economist Veronica Nigh said there are two potential causes for this drop.   “One […]