NASS: More Winter Wheat Planted Than Expected

It looks farmers planted more acres of winter wheat than initially thought. Last week, the USDA reported 33.1 million acres of winter wheat. “That’s up 3.4% from the from the seeding number back in January. So now 8.8% above what was actually planted last year,” noted NASS’ Lance Hoenig. He added it’s the first increase […]

USDA Looking At AFBF Recommendations

USDA’s NASS has responded for the most part positively to suggestions from the American Farm Bureau Federation how to improve the way reports are compiled. Gary Crawford has more. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]

USDA Breaks Down American Horticultural Industry

What’s the size of the U.S. horticultural industry? And how has it changed over the past five years? The answers to that and other related questions are now available. The USDA is just out with its 2019 Census of Horticultural Specialties, which Lance Hoenig with the Department’s Statistic Service calls the most comprehensive look at […]

USDA: Wheat, Corn, Bean Numbers All Lower

Last week’s USDA Grain Stocks Report had a few surprises, and according to NASS’ Lance Hoenig, the biggest surprise was came from the September 1st soybean stocks estimate: 523 million bushels, which was down 42.4% year over year. And despite stocks being the fourth largest ever, ths USDA estimate was  below almost all of the […]

NASS: 2020 Tart Cherry Production Down

According to NASS, we can expect to have less tart cherries this season. “The tart cherry crop 197 million pounds expected to be produced this year and that’s down 24.8% from what was produced last year,” said NASS’ Lance Hoenig. He added the reduced tart cherry production nationwide, stems from the decrease in the crop […]

NASS: More Than Enough Sweet Cherries Expects This Summer

It’s summer, and one of the best snacks out there, whether its for your holiday weekend, or just because, is sweet cherries.  And while this year’s crop is below what we saw this time last year, NASS’ Lance Honig is there will will be enough cherries to go around. “Production there expected 334,000 tons. That is down […]

Growers Asked To Participate In Planting Survey

On March 31st, USDA will release the results of its survey of producers planting intentions.  Surveys are being mailed to about 80,000 producers as we speak and by the middle of the week they should be showing up in mailboxes.   The USDA’s Lance Honig said if you get one of these perspective plating surveys please answer […]

Acerage, Stocks Report Out Friday

Coming up this Friday, USDA’s much awaited report on planted acreage, for which 100,000 farmers or so were surveyed earlier this month. In addition to the acreage numbers, USDA will also focus on stocks.  Lance Honig with the USDA’s AG Statistic’s Service said farmers were not just asked about acreage, but also about their stocks […]