IP-13 Concerning To Washington Ag

The Oregon Farming community has sounded the alarm about efforts to get IP-13 on the 2022 ballot. If approved by voters, the initiative would outlaw many practices currently done by the livestock and farming community, as well as other industries. But it’s not just Oregon where the proposal has drawn criticism. Pam Lewison with Washington […]

Vilsack: We Continue To Look At Issues In The Livestock Sector

“It’s an extraordinary set of complex factors to be examined when we talk about the livestock industry in the United States,” Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack recently told House lawmakers as he addressed a review of the livestock industry, as well as current and future challenges. “Our inventories are down in beef, and pork, and poultry […]

House Lawmakers Continue To Discuss Livestock Issues

On Thursday, lawmakers on the House Agriculture Committee held another hearing on livestock market issues, hearing from producers, packers, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and other lawmakers. Scott Bennett, American Farm Bureau Federation Congressional Relations Director, said the hearing included testimony from Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley. “It’s the first time in modern history that a sitting […]

Vilsack Discusses Ways To Help The Livestock Industry

Many agree that additional processing capacity within the livestock sector is needed to address current issues within the industry. But as Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently told the house Agriculture Committee, other forms of assistance are available from USDA, or are being developed. For example, he pointed to reducing overtime inspection costs for small and […]

Cow-Calf Operators Must Watch For BRD Too, Expert Says

Bovine Respiratory Disease is most often thought of in stocker and feedlot operations, but it should also be on the mind of cow-calf producers. Dr. Daniel Cummings, Professional Services Veterinarian with Boehringer-Ingelheim, says it’s important to put together a plan for preventing and managing BRD. Without a plan, the costs associated with respiratory disease in […]

USDA Working To Make Livestock Market “More Fair”

Back to 2011, as Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack said. “Livestock and poultry marketplaces now only become more concentrated they’ve become vertically integrated and with that there is the risk of folks being treated unfairly” And so he announced rules to correct that. The Trump administration nixed those rules, and worked on crafting its own. Now […]

Meat Institute Responds to DOJ Investigation Calls

Earlier this week, the North American Meat Institute defended its members against allegations of wrongdoing in the cattle market. The response follows a closed-door meeting between livestock and farm groups focusing on ways to improve cattle market transparency and a letter from Republican lawmakers to the Department of Justice. The lawmakers requested DOJ continue its […]

Jekanowski: Meat Sector Needs To Refocus

As restaurants and other parts of the food service sector begin to operate somewhat normally again. And that goes for all products to some extent, noted USDA Outlook Board Chairman, Mark Jekanowski, not just beef. Rewind the clock to just before the pandemic, restaurants, schools, and hotels open for normal business and then “The supply […]

Lawmakers Urge DOJ to Continue Cattle Industry Investigation

Earlier this week, lawmakers from South Dakota led an effort urging the Department of Justice to continue its investigation into the nation’s four biggest meatpackers. Republican Senator John Thune and Republican Representative Dusty Johnson also requested that DOJ provide Congress with updates. The letter comes as last week a group of six livestock and farm […]