Record Setting Cattle Feedlot Numbers

Big numbers in Friday’s USDA report on cattle feedlots with capacities of 1000 head or more. For example just under two and a quarter head were placed in to feedlots in September. That’s on the high end of industry expectations; 6% higher than September 2019. And even  with marketings out of feedlots up 6% the […]

USDA Predicts Better Days For Meat Producers

U.S red meat and poultry production is already starting to recover from the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic. And as Gary Crawford explains, a new USDA forecast says that recovery will take 2021’s output above 2019’s pre-coronavirus numbers. Speaking of increases, USDA says prices for steers, hogs, broilers will likely be higher in 2021. […]

Expect Changes At Meatpacking Facilities

Most in the Ag industry agree, the post-pandemic food supply-chain will look very different, starting with meatpacking and the way plants look and operate. American Farm Bureau Federation Executive Vice President Dale Moore said packing plants and livestock producers will also have to adjust after the destruction of maybe millions of animals that couldn’t be […]

USDA Will Look Into Allegations of Market Manipulation From Cattle Producers

On Social Media Wednesday, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue announced the USDA will investigate the large margin increases for meatpackers during the coronavirus outbreak. The Twitter announcement of the probe came after several members of Congress called for an investigation. Retail prices for beef surged following the virus outbreak while prices that processors pay for cattle […]

Idaho House Clears Bill Removing Sales Tax On Custom Meat Processing

Lawmakers in Idaho are looking at legislation that would remove sale tax on custom meat processing in specific cases. Reporter Riley Haun said the legislation, House Bill 496, would exempt meat processing from sale tax when the carcass is for their own personal consumption. The nexus of the bill came from butchers, producers, hunters across […]