Last Minute Carbon Bill Leads To Frustration In Ag Community

Many in the farming community feel the Ag industry was, at the very least, left out of many legislative conversation this year in Olympia. And some feel legislation targeted Washington Farmers. For example, as logger, farmers and others rallied last week in Olympia protesting House Bill 1110, the Low Carbon Fuel Standards, lawmakers introduction House […]

Truck Drivers Rally Against Low Carbon Fuel Standards Proposal

More than 160 log trucks invaded the state Capitol Campus in Olympia Monday.  Drivers and those that work in Natural Resources were in town, protesting House Bill 1110, which would create a new low carbon fuel standard.  The proposal could add up to 63 cents per gallon to diesel. “This proposed legislation is really not […]

Dent: We Need To Hold The Line On Low Carbon Initiatives

Lawmakers in Olympia continue to discuss the idea of low carbon legislation.  One of those proposals in the House looks at increasing the state gasoline tax by 57 cents a gallon, while increasing the tax on diesel sold in Washington by 63 cents per gallon.  Moses Lake Representative Tom Dent is very critical of the […]

Hennings: Dams, Carbon, DNR Key Issues In Olympia

It’s been a very busy couple weeks for the leadership of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.  In late January, they took a trip back to Washington D.C. to meet with congressional leaders to discuss issues important to local growers.  And then after that, Wheat Growers leadership traveled to western Washington for Olympia days.   […]

Schoesler Ag Community Needs To Be Active During 2020 Session

The 2020 Washington legislative session got underway Monday in Olympia.  For senator Mark Schoesler, a Ritzville area wheat farmer, he said his push this short session when it comes to agriculture is “do no harm”   He said he’s concerned that several proposals and ideas will have a negative impact on rural Washingtonians.  For example, […]

Davis: Big Concerns In 2020 Include Low Carbon, Gas Tax

Looking at the 2020 Washington legislative session, scheduled to get underway in a few weeks, what concerns Tom Davis with the Washington Farm Bureau?  The continued push for a Low Carbon Fuel standard in Olympia.   “A lot of the conservation and environmental groups in the state have placed the low carbon fuel standard as […]