Stagnate Air Expected To Be Dominate Weather Pattern Over Next Couple of Weeks

Much of the region has seen very still conditions over the past week-plus. And while windy conditions this time of year can trigger wind chill concerns, no wind means air stagnation, foggy conditions, and for some locations freezing fog. Not only does the fog limit visibility and create dangerous driving conditions, it limits the kind […]

Dryer, Warmer Weather Expected In Coming Days

While it does not feel like a heat wave, the temperatures across the Pacific Northwest have moderated over the past week. And following those bone chilling temperatures to wrap up 2021 and start the New Year, these average temperatures are feeling downright pleasant. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said temperatures are expected […]

Active Weather Expected To Continue Through The End Of The Week

The Pacific Northwest saw some active weather to wrap up 2021, and that pattern has continued through the start the New Year. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said before Christmas the PNW was under a westerly flow, keeping temperatures moderate and precipitation primarily rain showers. However, during the holidays, she notes the […]

2021 Wraps Up On A Dry Note

The first week of winter has felt very winter like, thanks to a strong northerly flow out of Canada which had dropped some temperatures into the single digits, and even below zero overnight. “It’s been cold, a lot colder in northern Washington, and then it kind of moderates as it moves across Oregon and down […]

Cold Weather Expected As The Region Prepares To Welcome In 2022

Tuesday was the first full day of winter, which gives us an opportunity to look back on the fall of 2021. “Fall was generally mild with temperatures about two to four degrees above normal and while we had some heavy rain events in November and early December, October was pretty dry, so it evens out […]

Lohmann: Active Weather Expected As We Head Toward Christmas

It’s still too early to know if you’ll enjoy a White Christmas this year, but it looks like Mother Nature is setting the table for an active Christmas at the very least. Marilyn Lohmann with the National Weather Service says over the next couple of weeks, she expected systems to roll across the Pacific Northwest […]

Lohmann Expects Upcoming Systems To Bring Much Needed Rain Snow

This mild weather has made traveling through area passes very easy for early December, but unfortunately it’s done a real number on the snowpack for this time of year. Meteorologist Marilyn Lohmann, with the National Weather Service, said that could start to change Wednesday. She noted that several systems are set to roll across the […]

Lohmann: November Not As Wet As You May Have Thought

After the extremely dry summer and early fall the Pacific Northwest experienced, the rain that rolled across the area in November was welcomed relief. But, was the month as wet as many thought it was? In western Oregon and western Washington, large amounts of rain fell, leading to flooding and landslides. According to meteorologist Marilyn […]

Mild Weather Could Result In Record Temperatures On Wednesday

It’s been a very mild couple of days across the PNW. Marilyn Lomann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said many areas reported record or near record daytime highs on Monday, and that looks to be repeated Wednesday. And while the mild temperatures are great news for those out working in the fields, she notes […]

Lohmann: Active Weather “A Long Time Coming”

The prayers of many farmers across the Pacific Northwest were answered this week as several strong systems brought rain to locations west and east of the Cascades. And as meteorologist Marilyn Lohman pointed out, Tuesday’s storm dumped up to a foot of snow in locations above 6,000’. She noted the water year has started off […]