Lohmann: Expect A Dry September, Good Possibility of La Niña

While the season technically runs through September 23rd, many consider this weekend the end of summer. As we look back on the summer of 2021, meteorologist Marilynn Lohmann with the National Weather Service said the year will go into the record books for a variety of reasons, whether it was the record heat experienced in […]

Rippey: Spring, Winter Wheat Continue To Struggle Because of Drought

When it comes to the Spring Wheat crop, Brad Rippey says things really don’t look good right now. The USDA meteorologist said the very dire drought situation across the Northwest and the Northern plains is starting to have a big impacts. “And it’s coming at a time when the crop is heading out and attempting […]

Rippey: Pasture Conditions Still Dire

To start the month, the USDA reported 39% of pastures and rangelands across the nation were in poor to very poor condition.  Last week, that figure improved slightly to 37%, but according to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, pasture and rangeland conditions remain a huge concern. He noted in several states, especially in the West, range […]

Western Drought Continues To Intensify

Despite an overall decline in drought conditions across the continental United States over the past month, drought conditions intensified across much of the west. “As we move in to the month of June we continue to see at least two thirds coverage of the two highest drought areas D3 to D4 or extreme to exceptional […]

National Pasture Conditions Improve, But Not In The Northwest

Pasture and rangeland conditions have improved across the central and southern Great Plains, thanks to abundant rainfall as of recent. “As of the 30th of May, we’re seeing the good to excellent rating 31% nationally That’s up 3% from last week, but we still see39% of the pastures and rangelands rated very poor to poor […]

2021: Marks Second Year Of Bad Precipitation Levels

Unfortunately, for western growers, 2021 marks the second poor year in a row of poor precipitation numbers. “And that goes for about everything except the northern tier of the western US. So everything really from Oregon and California, eastward through Wyoming and southwards of the southern Rockies,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “Now much of […]

Sugar Beet Plantings Ahead Of Average Nationwide

Sugar beet planting nationwide is nearing completion, a little earlier than normal. According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, 81% of the U.S. crop was planted by May 2nd, ahead of the five-year average of 51% and last year’s 47%. “We’re seeing planting approaching completion in Michigan 95% complete, and Idaho 93%. Then a big week […]

National Winter Wheat Conditions Behind Average

With drying conditions reported across a fair portion of the country, what impact has that had on winter wheat? “We see 5% of the U.S. winter wheat headed on that date,” noted USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. “The April 11th Average is 7%; last year 6% headed. We see Texas leading the way.” The only other […]

Lack Of Snow Across The U.S. Is Concerning, Rippey Says

Snow accumulation has been fairly light across not only the west, but much of the country. “In the western area, still very early in the season but snow cover is so important to water supply which leads  to irrigation water the following spring and summer,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. He noted there has not […]

Rippey: Planting Is Outpacing Emergence

When it comes to next year’s winter wheat crop, the USDA says planting is complete in most areas with the exception of areas that are traditionally planted later, such as some stretches of the Northwest. According to USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey, 93% of winter wheat is in the ground nationally, slightly higher than the five-year […]