USDA Announces Updates to Livestock Insurance Policies

Last week, the Department of Ag announced updates to livestock insurance policies for 2022 and beyond. The USDA said the updates are designed to improve options for producers and to create additional opportunities for producers to participate. The changes include ensuring the Class Pricing Option remains available for purchase even when either the Class III […]

Dairy Farmers to Seek Emergency USDA Hearing on Class I Mover Reform

The National Milk Producers Federation’s Board of Directors voted last week to request an emergency USDA hearing on a Federal Milk Marketing Order proposal. The proposal, NMPF said, would restore fairness for farmers in the Class I fluid milk price mover. The endorsement of the board, which represents dairy farmers and cooperatives nationwide, follows approval […]

Jekanowski Explains Why USDA Moved Dairy Prices Higher

The USDA recently raised its price forecast for dairy products across the board. “This largely is reflecting kind of a rebound in food service demand as the economy starts to reopen and restaurants and food service and hotels start to see an increase in their business,” said USDA World Outlook Board chair Mark Jekanowski. “Cheese […]

USDA: Dairy Prices Are Moving Higher

Dairy prices are on the way up. “It’s been very interesting in dairy as we continue to raise our expectations for product prices and therefore for milk prices by class and the all milk price,” noted USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer. Despite the increase he acknowledged dairy farmers still face challenges. “Those input prices are […]

U.S. Dairy Farm Numbers Continue to Decline

Data from the USDA shows the number of licensed dairy operators in the United States continues to decline. USDA’s Milk Production report showed the fourth-largest year-over-year decline in the number of licensed dairy operations in the last 15 years. There were 2,550 fewer licensed dairy operations in 2020 than in 2019, when the number dropped […]

Overtime, Taxes Key Issues For Dairy Industry During 2021 Washington Session

2020 was a difficult year for the Washington Dairy Industry. Not only did producers deal with the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, but the then came the November Supreme Court ruling on the Ag overtime exemption. Washington Dairy Federation Communications director, Scott Dilley, said things are tough on dairy farmers right now, because milk prices are not great […]

AFBF: 2018 Farm Bill, COVID-19 Cost Dairy Industry Millions

The 2018 Farm Bill modified milk pricing rules to facilitate improved risk management for beverage milk processors, cooperatives and dairy farmers. While the goal of improving risk management was achieved, American Farm Bureau Federation Chief Economist John Newton says the change cost dairy farmers millions. “It got rid of what was the higher-of, in the […]

Washington Dairy Continues Working On Overcoming Adversity

A volatile dairy market has left Washington producers feeling like they’re riding a roller-coaster since the pandemic began back in March. Washington State Dairy Federation Policy Director Jay Gordon said thankfully the international market has remained fairly healthy, even when U.S. dairy prices were at their lowest level in years, powdered products were still in […]

Milk Production Continues To Increase, Despite Decrease In Cow Numbers

Milk per cow pretty strong, nationwide, according to USDA Outlook Chairman Mark Jekanowski. The latest USDA Milk Production Report puts July’s national milk per cow averaging 1,994 pounds; 21 pounds higher than July of last year. The total production for this July is 18.6 billion pounds, 1.5% more than July of 2019. In this case, […]

AFBF: Dairy Producers Deserve A Voice In Milk Pricing

Earlier this week, the American Farm Bureau Federation released its final report, on priorities for milk pricing reform, calling for more democracy and a more equitable program for dairy farmers. AFBF Chief Economist John Newton said the policy recommendations follow a year-long review by a Farm Bureau working group. “Our voting delegates this past January […]