NMPF: New Federal Dietary Guidelines Are Good News For Dairy

In late December, the USDA rolled out the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. In the updated DGA, the federal government continued to recommend three servings of low-fat and non-fat dairy products for a healthy diet. In addition, not only did dairy remain its own group, dairy was recognized as a source of under-consumed nutrients, such […]

NFU: More Needs To Be Done This Holiday Season To Help Farmers

According to National Farmers Union’s most recent “The Farmer’s Share”, for every dollar Americans spend on their Thanksgiving dinner this year, farmers and ranchers will earn approximately 11.9 cents. That marks a slight year-over-year decline, when farmers made roughly 12.15 cents of the Thanksgiving food dollar. Rob Larew, President of the NFU, said between those low prices […]

Organic Sales Continue To Increase, All NW States In Top Ten

According to numbers from the recent Organic Survey released by the USDA, sales of certified organic commodities increased 31% increase between 2016 and 2019. Livestock and poultry products, primarily milk and eggs, continue to be the top revenue generator, but only increased by only 12% during that three year time period. Crops increased by 38% […]

Idaho Ag Production Up 6% To $8.25B

The value of Idaho agricultural production in 2019 hit $8.25 Billion, up 6% year over year. The rankings of the top nine commodities remained unchanged from 2018. Coming in at $2.86 billion milk remains the leading agricultural commodity in the state. Not only did that value jumped 20% from 2018’s numbers, last year was the […]

Value Of Washington Ag Comes In Under $10B

The value of agricultural production in Washington last year totaled $9.49 billion, a 2% decrease from 2018 numbers. According to NASS apples remain the leading agricultural commodity in the state accounting for $1.96 billion last year, an 8% year over year drop. Apples represented 21% of the total agricultural value in 2019; while apples were […]

Changes Reported In Top Oregon Commodities

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is out with the top commodities of 2019 and there was a bit of a shakeup. The top commodity grown in Oregon remained Greenhouse and Nursery last year, accounting for nearly $1 billion. Hay moved in as the new #2 commodity, accounting for over $674-million last year. Dropping to 3rd […]

Dairy Economist Looks Ahead To 2021

What can dairy producers expect looking ahead to the New Year? University of Wisconsin dairy economist, Dr. Robert Cropp, said many in the farm sector started 2020 with high hopes and great anticipation. And the dairy industry was no different. However 2020 has provided uncharted challenges, from economic uncertainty and struggles with market access resulting […]

CAFE Remains A Priority For UI Ag, Others

While much has changed in the past couple of months because of the pandemic, one thing that has not changed, for the University of Idaho, the importance of the CAFE project. The Idaho Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment will focus on research, outreach and education, advancing the sustainability of dairy, livestock and crop […]

Dairy Supply Chains Need to Adjust to Changing Conditions, CoBank Says

COVID-19 is dramatically affecting consumer habits and dairy supply chains as food service demand plummets and grocery sales take off. Consumers struggling with job losses and economic uncertainty quickly returned to buying basic dairy products like fluid milk, commodity cheese, and butter. A new report from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange indicates that consumer behavior will be […]

USDA: Despite Pandemic, Milk, Meat, Poultry Exports Remain Strong

U.S. exports of livestock products, such as milk, meat, and poultry remain very strong, and could end this fiscal year well ahead of 2019. This from USDA’s new Outlook. USDA’s Chief economist, , Rob Johansson, said unlike some of the bulks crop items, analysts have not really had to reduce their export forecasts for meat, […]