Washington, B.C. To Fight Asian Giant

British Columbia and U.S. federal and state agencies will work together to track, trap and eradicate Asian giant hornets in the Pacific Northwest. The Asian giant hornet species was first spotted in Northwest Washington in 2019 and agencies have since been on the hunt for the invasive hornets. The hornets, known by many as Murder […]

Documentary Highlighting WSDAs Hunt For Asian Giant Out On Discovery+

When looking back on 2020, certain things will jump to your mind: coronavirus, toilet paper shortages and the murder hornets. Well, that last one, the Asian Giant hornet is the focus of a documentary that was released on Discovery+ last month. The 90 minute film, “Attack of the Murder Hornets” takes a behind the scenes […]

Joint Effort Between USDA/WSDA Helped Locate Asian Giant Hornets

A collaborative effort between the USDA and the Washington state Department of Agriculture lead to the recent breakthrough regarding the threat of Asian Giant Hornets, also known as the Murder Hornets, in the northwest corner of the state. Anne LeBrun of USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, said they were more than happy to […]

Asian Giant Nest By The Numbers

The Washington state Department of Agriculture is learning more and more about the Asian Giant hornet nest discovered near Blaine. The nest was just over eight feet high in the tree and, once opened, was found to be about 14″ long and 8″-9″ wide. Inside, WSDA crews found roughly 500 live specimens, including 76 hatched […]

WSDA Asking For Help Locating Asian Giants

Officials with the Washington state Department of Agriculture said last week they are on the search for a nest of Asian Giant hornets. WSDA crews want to find any nests so they can be destroyed before anything happens to the local honey bee population. Evidence of six hornets was found outside of Blaine last week, […]

Asian Giant Not A “Murder Hornet” But Still A Concern For Northwest Ag

In December 2019, the Washington State Department of Agriculture put out a warning after Asian Giant hornets were discovered in the northwest corner of the state. But those insects have gained national and international fame recently after they were given the title Murder Hornet. Washington State University’s Dr. Tim Lawrence said that title is a […]