What Can Ag Community Expect Over Next Four Years? Former USDA Leader Weighs In

Many in farming community are wondering what the future holds under a Joe Biden Administration, especially when it comes to trade. Randy Russell, former USDA Undersecretary, is currently the President of the Russell Group in Arlington, VA. During a recent webinar he noted things will look very different in the next four years compared to […]

McKinney: USMCA Is Good But Can Be Improved

It may have been lost in the shuffle of this year’s pandemic, but the U.S., Canada and Mexico were able to update their trilateral trade agreement.The updated NAFTA now known as USMCA, and it sits well with USDA’s Ted McKinney. “I’m a believer that the USMCA is very very good and it’s something that can […]

Isley Talks About the Importance Of Ag based advisory committees

Agriculture based advisory committees play a significant role of council for both the Ag Secretary, but also the U.S. trade representatives regarding trade matters. “The negotiations of the US/Mexico/Canada agreement we were in close communication with the committees and with individual members of the committees with respect to their positions on the negotiations for their […]

U.S./Canada Working Together On Animal Diseases

With USMCA on the books, one thing livestock producers will want to watch closely, the cooperation over keeping devastating animal diseases, like African Swine Fever, out of North America. “We are working toward trading agreements and relationships that are made easier by the fact that over our share agreement is in place,” said Lisa Rochette, […]

Trump, Obrador Celebrate USMCA

U.S. President Donald Trump and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met in Washington, D.C., this week to celebrate USMCA. The agreement recently became the law of the land in North America. After multiple meetings among senior officials from both nations, the U.S. and Mexican presidents signed a joint declaration commemorating the July 1st entry-into-force […]

What Do States Want From USMCA?

What do individual states expect now that USMCA is on the books and being enforced? “One thing that’s exciting about USMCA from state perspective; you know we talk about modernizing the the agreement and a lot of that focuses on digital trade aspects or biotechnology,” said Max Moncaster with the National Association of State Departments […]

USMCA: A Nearly Five Year Journey

Earlier this week, NAFTA offically gave way to USMCA. And agricultural leaders are quick to point out the process was a long one. It all started really in early 2017 when President Trump characterized then 23-year-old NAFTA as a “terrible terrible trade deal.” The president said he was trying to get a new deal with […]

Newhouse: USMCA Comes At A Crucial Time for the American Economy

Wednesday was the official implementation of USMCA, the updated NAFTA trade agreement. Central Washington’s Dan Newhouse took to the floor of the U.S. House Wednesday to speak the praises of the tri-lateral trade agreement. He said USMCA will help the local agriculture community still facing the COVID-19 pandemic head on. “To provide freer markets, fairer […]