NW Sugarbeet Production Expected To Be Higher, While Dry Pea Expected To Be Lower

Production expectations for several key commodities across the northwest are out as we quickly approach harvest. According to NASS, Idaho sugarbeet production is forecast at 6.99 million tons, up 2% from 2020 production. Harvested area, at 170,000 acres, is up 1,000 acres from 2020. Yield is expected to be 41.1 tons per acre, up 0.7 […]

USDA Used Labor Day Weekend To Inspect Crops

It was a busy Labor Day holiday weekend, for hundreds of USDA expert crop innumerators who visited farms nationwide in an effort to complete objective yield evaluations of crops for the upcoming USDA Crop Production Report. NASS’ Lance Honig said those evaluators were scheduled to look at 7,800 field plots of corn, soybeans, and cotton, […]

PNW Cropland Rent Moves Higher, Pasture Rates Mixed

According to NASS, the cropland rental rates in all three Northwest states increased year over year. Cash rent expense for all cropland in Idaho this year came in at an estimated $180 per acre, up $9 per acre from last year. Irrigated cropland is estimated at $236 per acre, up $11  acre from 2020. Non-irrigated […]

Where Is Precision Ag Used The Most?

There was a new category in the latest edition of the USDA’s farm computer and technology use survey, taking a look at how producers nationwide use precision agriculture practices. “Precision agriculture is a very broad question. It includes anything from GPS monitoring, guidance of tractors, yield monitoring, irrigations systems, electronic tagging of livestock, robotic milking, […]

Computer Usage On The Farm Continues To Increase

According to the latest numbers from NASS, 82% of farms across the county have access to the internet, a 7% increase from just two years ago. Adam Peters with NASS breaks down the numbers when it comes how farmers use their desktop computer, laptop or smart phone: “We found 29% of farms using the Internet […]

NASS: Many NW Fruit Growers Expecting Larger Crops

According to NASS, fruit growers across the Northwest anticipate a larger crop this year. Based on August 1st conditions, Oregon apple production is forecast at 190 million pounds, up 9% from 2020. Washington apple production is forecast at 7.40 billion pounds, up 7% from last year’s production. Washington ranks number one in apple production nationally, […]

USDA Reports Encouraging Honeybee Numbers

The USDA released its report on honeybee colonies earlier this week, and the number were encouraging when it comes to the total number of colonies as well as colony losses. “The January one honeybee colonies is up 2%.” That’s compared to January 1st of 2020 at just over 2.9 million. NASS’ Travis Averill said when […]

Cropland Rental Rates Increased In 2021

According to NASS, cash rent expense for all cropland in Idaho is estimated at $180.00 per acre this year, up $9.00 per acre from 2020. Irrigated cropland is estimated at $236.00 per acre, up $11.00 per acre from 2020, while non-irrigated cropland rental expense is $63.00 per acre, up $1.00 per acre from last year. […]

USDA Conducting Yield Surveys Of Specific Farmers

As part of its data collection for the upcoming forecast for crop yields and production, the USDA is surveying roughly 20,000 producers across the country, asking what they expect their yields to be. But NASS’ Lance Honig said if you’re one of the 20,000 who got a survey form it wasn’t a random thing where […]

2021 Tart Cherry Crop Larger, Thanks To Washington, Utah

The 2021 tart cherry crop is larger than previous year crops by over two million tons. “That’s really about half of what we would normally see for our tart cherry crop,” said NASS’ Lance Honig. “So this is the second consecutive year with fairly low production.” Honig also noted the rise in tart cherries comes […]