PNW Wheat Stocks Drop 43% Year-Over-Year

According to NASS, all wheat stocks dropped 43% from December 1st, 2020, to December 1st, 2021. Wheat stocks in Washington totaled 82.6 million bushels, down from 147 million bushels in storage a year earlier. Off-farm stocks were down 44%, while on-farm stocks were down 38% compared to the previous year. In Oregon, wheat stored in […]

Wheat Seeding Up Across the PNW

According to NASS, wheat plantings increased 3% across the Pacific Northwest this year, while acres planted nationwide increased 2%. Idaho growers planted 760,000 acres of winter wheat for the 2022 crop, up 7% from 2021, and 6% above the 2020 crop. Oregon farmers increased their winter wheat acreage by 1% to 730,000 acres for the […]

NASS Preparing To Survey NW Commercial Floriculture Operations

NASS is preparing to conduct its 2021 Commercial Floriculture Survey. Approximately 1,200 producers across the Northwest will be asked to provide information on production area, sales of floriculture commodities, and the number of agricultural workers on their operation. This survey can be completed by mail, phone, or online at If NASS does not receive […]

USDA Using Test To Prepare For Census Of Agriculture

Farmers, the USDA may invite you to take a test, a content test to help the Department prepare for the online portion of the 2022 Census Agriculture.  “This test that’s coming up is a critical part of our preparation for and once every five-year census,” said Kathy Ott with NASS. “This is going to provide […]

NW Hop Production Jumps Year-Over-Year

According to NASS, hop production across the Pacific Northwest is up 11% from 2020 numbers. Washington once again led the region, producing 73% of the hop crop in the U.S. Idaho announced for 16% of American hop production, while Oregon was responsible for 11%. Production for the three states totaled 116 million pounds this year, […]

USDA to Conduct Study About Agricultural Producers

NASS is conducting the 2021 Farm Producer Study. The study seeks to improve knowledge and understanding of agricultural producers and help USDA improve services to them. A brief questionnaire will mail this month to approximately 75,000 U.S. producers across the country. Taking no more than ten minutes to complete, the questionnaire asks participants for demographic […]

NASS: Orange Crop Down From Previous Forecast

USDA’s all orange forecast for December reflects reports only from the Sunshine state. And according to NASS’ Mark Hudson, total U.S. production is down 1% from the previous forecast.  With Florida’s all orange forecast down 2%, at 46 million boxes. “For non-Valencia’s, it’s 18 million boxes.  That’s down one million boxes from our initial October […]

USDA to Begin National Agricultural Classification Survey

NASS is preparing to mail the National Agricultural Classification Survey this month. The survey goes to more than a million potential American Ag producers, in preparation for the 2022 Census of Agriculture. The survey will ask recipients if they are involved in agricultural activity and for basic farm information. Response to the survey is required […]

Hemp Growers Reminded To Participate In USDA Survey

If you are one of the estimated 20,500 producers growing hemp this year, hopefully got a survey form last month asking about acreage and other aspects of hemp production. It’s the first comprehensive hemp survey since the 1940’s, so it’s no wonder USDA officials are fervently asking producers: “Please, please, take the time and return […]

NASS: NW Potato Production Slipped This Year While Sugarbeets Report Growth

Potato production across the Pacific Northwest is down this year. According to NASS, potato production in Idaho is forecast at 132 million cwt., down 2% from last year. Harvested area, at 314,500 acres, is up 15,000 acres from 2020. Yield is expected to be 420 cwt. per acre, down 30 cwt. from 2020. Production in […]