What Can The Ag Economy Expect In 2021?

While there are still some areas of concern in the farm economic sector, the Federal Reserves Nathan Kauffman says the outlook is much better now compared to six months ago. But, will this recent  momentum continue going in to 2021? Kauffman said there are a variety of reasons to ben encouraged when looking at commodity […]

Industry Expert Warns Of Consolidation Trend In Small, Rural Banks

Consolidation has been a big topic in agriculture during the last several years, primarily as it relates to some of the largest businesses in the Ag sector. However, some of the community banks that lend money directly to farmers have begun to consolidate their businesses too. Nathan Kauffman Vice President of the Omaha, NE, branch […]

Economist Warns Of A Prolonged Soft Farm Economy

Most if not all in the Ag industry would agree that 2019 was a rough year.  In fact for many, 2018 and 2017 weren’t much better.  But according to a variety of surveys and polls, many in farm country are feeling more positive about the road the Ag industry is on in 2020.  But one […]