Lohmann: April A Cold And Wet Month

April has been a unique moth, weather wise, for the PNW. After a winter that was primarily warm and dry, April turned out to be cooler than normal and very wet. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said the showers were welcomed news after months of dry conditions. But, she pointed out, the […]

Lohmann: Little Relief Enjoyed From Recent System

As we prepare to welcome in spring, old man winter provided one more shot across the Pacific Northwest this past week. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said a cold front rolled across the area Tuesday morning, dropping temperatures and brining windy conditions. She noted, that some areas, such as the Palouse and […]

Lohmann: Dry Weather Expected Through the End Of February

If you need to work out in the orchard, or if you have livestock to watch, the past month has been nice weather wise. A lot of sunshine during the daytime with temperatures slightly above normal. However, that beautiful weather has returned the region to dry, and in some cases very dry conditions. Marilyn Lohmann, […]

Active Weather Expected To Return Next Week

The past couple of weeks have been very quiet weather wise, and recently temperatures have been very pleasant for early February. And that weather is starting to have an impact on conditions across the PNW. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service says the sunshine has warmed soil temperatures, in areas without snow on […]

Progressive Weather Pattern Expected Into February

The cloudy, unchanging weather pattern we saw for the back half of January did not stick around for February, thanks to windy conditions that blew into the Pacific Northwest this week, moving that fog and low-lying clouds out of the area; for the most part. After a week-plus of gray and temperatures that didn’t move […]

Dryer, Warmer Weather Expected In Coming Days

While it does not feel like a heat wave, the temperatures across the Pacific Northwest have moderated over the past week. And following those bone chilling temperatures to wrap up 2021 and start the New Year, these average temperatures are feeling downright pleasant. Marilyn Lohmann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said temperatures are expected […]

Lohmann: Active Weather Expected As We Head Toward Christmas

It’s still too early to know if you’ll enjoy a White Christmas this year, but it looks like Mother Nature is setting the table for an active Christmas at the very least. Marilyn Lohmann with the National Weather Service says over the next couple of weeks, she expected systems to roll across the Pacific Northwest […]

Lohmann: November Not As Wet As You May Have Thought

After the extremely dry summer and early fall the Pacific Northwest experienced, the rain that rolled across the area in November was welcomed relief. But, was the month as wet as many thought it was? In western Oregon and western Washington, large amounts of rain fell, leading to flooding and landslides. According to meteorologist Marilyn […]

Mild Weather Could Result In Record Temperatures On Wednesday

It’s been a very mild couple of days across the PNW. Marilyn Lomann, meteorologist with the National Weather Service said many areas reported record or near record daytime highs on Monday, and that looks to be repeated Wednesday. And while the mild temperatures are great news for those out working in the fields, she notes […]

Active Weather Expected for Coming Weeks

The Pacific Northwest received some much needed rain over the weekend. And while areas west of the Cascades suffered from mudslides, down trees and localized flooding, many in the farming community were happy to see the rain. Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service said the weekend of rain means the new Water Year […]