Research on Hemp Compounds and COVID-19

Oregon State University researchers have identified hemp compounds that show an ability to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells. University researchers say a pair of cannabinoid acids bind to the COVID-19 spike protein, which stops the virus from infecting people. OSU said this “spike protein is the same drug target used […]

WSU Is Working To Build Better Hops

Washington State University is leading an effort to improve hops and help hop growers, with an eye toward boosting the craft beer industry. The effort comes thanks to a $5 million USDA grant with a goal of breeding new hop varieties that are naturally resistant to key viruses. WSU Entomologist Doug Walsh said the result […]

OSU: Ag Exports Up 25% Over Recent Years

According to an economic analysis report from Oregon State University, exports of agriculture from the state increased 25% over the past six years. That report also showed the number of small farms in Oregon increased since 2015. 3,417 small farms, which is an operation of nine acres or less, have started over the past six […]

OSU Part Of Research Looking At The Impact Grazing Has On Soil Health More

Oregon State University is joining ranks with an international coalition of 20 entities for a grazing management research project. “The project focuses on understanding links between the way ranchers graze their lands and their well-being. Ecological well-being,” said Professor Hannah Gosnell. “Social well-being. Psychological well-being and the economic well-being.” Gosnell noted several private institutions are funding the $19 […]

WSU, OSU, Davis To Study Smoke Exposure In Grapes

Washington State University, Oregon State University and UC Davis have received a $7.6 million grant to study the impact of smoke exposure on grapes. According to WSU, the four-year project will provide critical knowledge to grape growers and winery owners in Washington severely impacted by widespread wildfire smoke in recent years. Funding for the research […]

Two From Northwest Elected National FFA Officers

Congratulations to Cole Baerlocher, originally from Colfax, WA, he was elected national FFA president during the 94th annual National FFA Convention and Expo over the weekend. Baerlocher is an Agricultural education major attending Oregon State University. “I can’t even explain my emotions, it’s like excitement and just this readiness to get out there and start […]

Christmas Tree Expert Don’t Wait To Buy Your Real Tree

With the holidays getting underway next month, the word from Christmas tree growers is that there should be enough real Christmas trees for everybody who wants one. But, Chal Landgren, Oregon State University Christmas tree expert, says there probably won’t be a surplus this year, at least in the Pacific Northwest. He added consumers should […]

Focus On Fruit for 10/14/21

Oregon State University’s Ashley Thompson has tips and advice for cherry growers that report X-disease or Little Cherry Disease. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]

OSU Conducting Beef Herd Mineral Survey

Oregon State University extension is holding an on-line survey looking at mineral supplementation of livestock within the state. The Survey will be used as a screening tool for a project funded by the Oregon Beef Council and proposed by OSU faculty, Juliana Ranches, Ian McGregor, and David Bohnert. The goal of the project is to evaluate the mineral […]