OSU Conducting Chlorpyrifos Alternatives Survey

Researchers at Oregon State University are working to identify alternatives to chlorpyrifos that will work on a variety of commodities. To do that, research has put together a survey to help identify critical issues surrounding Chlorpyrifos, which has been used in Oregon since the mid-1960s, but is on its way out. OSU Project Leader Silvia […]

The Number Of Farms Continues To Drop Nationally

The effect of the pandemic on the number and size of U.S. farms is unclear. But, according to Gary Crawford, we do know the number of farms nationwide declined last year. Here in the northwest, Washington loss 100 farms last year, while Oregon and Idaho showed no change. Meanwhile, Montana gained 100 farms in 2020. […]

Interior To Revisit Spotted Owl Decision

The U.S. Interior Department is delaying the Trump administration’s last-minute roll-back of federal protections for the northern spotted owl. On February 22nd, federal officials said the changes will be reviewed, delaying their effective date from March 16th to April 15th. Days before leaving office, the Trump administration published a final rule revising protections for the […]

Oregon Remains Dry As February Comes To An End

Despite several systems hitting the Northwest over the past couple of weeks, Oregon remains very dry. Roughly 87% of the state is Abnormally Dry for this time of year, while 51% is in a D-2, or Severe Drought, and 14% is in a D-3, Extreme Drought. Only 12% of the state is on par with […]

Oregon Lawmakers Look To Phase Out Mink Farming By The End Of The Year

Legislation under debate in the Oregon Senate would phase out mink farming in the state by the end of 2021. State Senator Floyd Prozanski said his legislation, Senate Bill 832, follows similar actions taken by Ireland and the Netherlands to permanently close all mink farms and discontinue mink-breeding programs in order to protect public health against the spread of […]

NW Potato Stocks Hit 135M CWT To Start February

According to NASS, potato stocks across the Northwest hit 135.7 million hundredweight on February 1st. Potato stocks in Idaho to start the month hit 75.0 million cwt. Disappearance of the Idaho crop to date was 59.8 million cwt. Meanwhile, Oregon’s stock totaled 15.2 million cwt. Disappearance to date was 11.8 million cwt. In Washington, February […]

Latest USDA Report Indicates Tight Beef Supply

A deep dive into the latest USDA Cattle Inventory Report indicates a tighter beef supply situation for the coming year, according to Katelyn McCullock, director and senior agricultural economist for the Livestock Marketing Information Center. “So, the cattle inventory report shows total cows and calves are down about 0.3%. And once a year we get […]

Northwest Vegetable Production Mixed In 2020

Vegetable production across the Northwest was a mixed bag last year. According to NASS, onion production in Idaho were valued at $68.3 million, up 4% from 2019. Oregon onions had a total value of utilized production of $119 million, up 9% year over year. Meanwhile Washington onions were valued at $136 million, down 25% from […]

2020 Wildfires Wiped Out Half Of Northern California’s Grapes

Washington and Oregon’s wine grape industries suffered significant damage during wildfires that ripped through the region late last summer. But it wasn’t just the Northwest that reported huge losses. A new USDA report reveals wildfires in northern California wiped out almost half the value of the 2020 crop. Grape growers in the Napa, Sonoma, Lake […]

Democrats Seek Climate Change Considerations in Transportation Policy

A group of Congressional Democrats is urging the Transportation Department to prioritize consideration of climate change in transportation policy. In a request to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the group says, “we cannot make progress toward emissions reductions without a program to measure and report on performance.” Led by Senator Ben Cardin, of Maryland, and Representative […]