Supporters: Proposed Legislation Will Provide Certainty For Organic Growers

Late last week, a host of lawmakers including central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and western Oregon’s Peter DeFazio introduction legislation they say will improve the federal process for the oversight of organic standards. Supporters says the Continuous Improvement and Accountability in Organic Standards Act [the CIAO Act] will establish a new framework for advancing organic standards, […]

Organic Groups Send Recommendations to Transition Team

The Organic Trade Association and the National Organic Coalition recently sent industry recommendations to President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team. In a letter to the transition team, the groups say, “here are several overarching issues that need to be addressed early in your Administration to put organic agriculture back on safe footing after the challenges of […]

NFU Throws Support Before Rule To Tighten Organic Requirements

The USDA has proposed a rule that supporters say would strengthen the Agricultural Marketing Service’s oversite of Organic products and what can be included in the National Organic Program. Rob Larew, President of the National Farmers Union said over the last several years, millions of dollars of non-organic products have been intentionally mislabeled in the […]

Newhouse Expresses Concerns Regarding Organic Certification Cost Share Program Changes

On Wednesday, Representative Dan Newhouse joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers sending a letter to Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue expressing concerns with changes announced to the Organic Certification Cost Share Program. The issue, the announcement earlier this month that for Fiscal Year 2020 OCCSP funding would be reduced. Under the new FSA proposal, growers would […]

Organic Food Sales Up 5% in 2019

Organic food sales rose 5% year over year in 2019, coming in at $50 billion. The Organic Trade Association said the first quarter of 2020 saw organic food sales continue to rise dramatically. Food Business News said if that trend continues, the industry should see another year of record growth. “Our 2020 survey looks at […]

The U.S. Reaches an Organic Equivalence Agreement with Taiwan

The quickly-growing organic market in Taiwan is poised to grow even faster. Late last week, the U.S. and Taiwan reached an organic equivalence arrangement to enable increased trade between the two regions. Taiwan is already the fifth-largest export market for U.S. organic products. The new arrangement will remove previous barriers for exporters, providing an opportunity […]

USDA: Organic Sales Continue To Increase

Not only is the number of organic acreage increasing nationwide, but the sales of those organic products continue to move higher as well. “Fruits and vegetables, I mean these numbers, even after years of growth, we’re still seeing between the last two censuses; 2012 and our most recent numbers in 2017; the sector doubling to […]

Northwest Growers Asked To Participate In National Organic Producer Survey

In an effort to learn about the challenges organic farmers and ranchers face, two national surveys are being conducted. One focuses on certified organic producers, while the other takes a look at those transitioning to organic certification. This collaborative effort between the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) and Organic Seed Alliance (OSA), is part of […]

Organic Sales Doubled Over Five Years; Percentage Still Small

U.S. organic sales doubled between 2012 and 2017, even though the total value of U.S. agricultural sales remained flat.  The USDA says growth in the organic sector has taken off since the early 2010’s as food manufacturers, retailers, and livestock producers have increased their demand for organic foods and inputs.   Organic operations’ average sales […]

Organic Community: We Need To Treat Soil Right

If there’s one thing organic farmers in this country can agree on, it’s the importance of treating the soil right.   “We believe that soil health is the foundation of our farm and our business,” said Ben Whalen who runs at organic vegetable and flower farm in Maine.   “The soil is the life of […]