Supporters: Proposed Legislation Will Provide Certainty For Organic Growers

Late last week, a host of lawmakers including central Washington’s Dan Newhouse and western Oregon’s Peter DeFazio introduction legislation they say will improve the federal process for the oversight of organic standards. Supporters says the Continuous Improvement and Accountability in Organic Standards Act [the CIAO Act] will establish a new framework for advancing organic standards, […]

Organic Trade Association Hosts Virtual DC Fly-in

Organic agriculture representatives met with lawmakers Tuesday through a virtual fly-in. The Organic Trade Association hosted the event, continuing Wednesday, to brief the new administration on the challenges the organic sector faces. The issues from more than 20 organic producers from a dozen states are expansive and including ensuring continuous improvement and accountability in organic […]

MOSES Conference Going On-Line

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service, better known as the MOSES Conference, is one of the largest farmer education organizations in the country. And like most other events over the past year, MOSES is moving into the virtual world because of the pandemic. MOSES Executive Director Lori Stern said this year’s “Growing Stronger” conference […]

Organic Farmers Association Launching Interactive Educational Calendar

The Organic Farmers Association is launching a National Clearinghouse for Organic Farmer Education that highlights the online education available to organic farmers across the country. The effort will begin at the start of the winter conference season when farmers typically attend their state or regional organic farm conferences in person. But because of COVID-19, many […]

Organic Sales Continue To Increase, All NW States In Top Ten

According to numbers from the recent Organic Survey released by the USDA, sales of certified organic commodities increased 31% increase between 2016 and 2019. Livestock and poultry products, primarily milk and eggs, continue to be the top revenue generator, but only increased by only 12% during that three year time period. Crops increased by 38% […]

Organic Farmers Outraged Over FSA Announcement to Reducing Cost Share Reimbursements

Last week, the USDA announced Organic Certification Cost Share Program funds to offset the cost of receiving and maintaining organic certification. Applications for eligible certification expenses paid between October 1, 2019, and September 30, 2020, are due October 31st of this year. However, due to expected participation levels and the limited funds available, the FSA […]

Supporters: Regenerative Ag Can Help Human Health, Planet Health

It may not be a term many in the Northwest farming community are familiar with right now, but a growing number of Midwest producers are trying to change that. Regenerative Agriculture. Sarah Cotterill is a farmer back in Indiana, and she noted at its core, Regenerative Ag is old school farming that promotes a healthy […]

The U.S., Japan Organic Trade Pact Now Includes Livestock

The USDA says livestock is now added to the list of products included in the organic trade arrangement between the U.S. and Japan. says livestock can now be certified to either country’s organic standards for sale as organic in both markets. “Opening new markets for America’s organic farmers and ranchers continues to be a […]

The U.S. Reaches an Organic Equivalence Agreement with Taiwan

The quickly-growing organic market in Taiwan is poised to grow even faster. Late last week, the U.S. and Taiwan reached an organic equivalence arrangement to enable increased trade between the two regions. Taiwan is already the fifth-largest export market for U.S. organic products. The new arrangement will remove previous barriers for exporters, providing an opportunity […]

USDA: Organic Sales Continue To Increase

Not only is the number of organic acreage increasing nationwide, but the sales of those organic products continue to move higher as well. “Fruits and vegetables, I mean these numbers, even after years of growth, we’re still seeing between the last two censuses; 2012 and our most recent numbers in 2017; the sector doubling to […]