Ag Community Continues Look at Using Biologicals for Pest Control

Development continues for a variety of biological controls for crop pests and disease utilizing living organisms; part of evolving innovations in agriculture. “Products use beneficial bacteria to control disease in primarily vegetable crops,” noted Jason Ward of Novozymes. In terms of how this bacteria combination controls disease: “First they do it by populating the leaf […]

Farmers Asked To Watch For Pests During Hot Weather

With the hot weather the Northwest has seen for weeks, several pests are thriving and multiplying in and around water sources. The Idaho state Department of Agriculture’s Lloyd Knight said it’s important that farmers watch for any unique plant or insect life to make sure a bigger problem is not on the horizon. He noted […]

Idaho Pest Survey Underway

The Idaho state Department of Agriculture is conducting its annual pest survey, where thousands of traps go up looking for invasive species that could bring harm to the state’s farming community. The ISDA’s Lloyd Knight said they are looking for Japanese beetles, a few grain pests in wheat and corn, the European Shoot Moth as […]

Waters: Expect An Active Pest Season

The recent blast of cold air and snow the Northwest has seen over the past week is good news for the snowpack, but it may be too little, too late when it comes to disease pressures this growing season. Washington State University Extension’s Dr. Tim Waters says while the region has seen cold temperatures and […]

USDA’s Roll In Planned Mission To Mars

But we’ve heard a lot over the last couple of months about a mission to Mars; putting humans on the Red Planet. But for that to happen, the astronauts would need to grow food. So, what happens if an insect hitchhikes and starts destroying the crops? Gary Crawford takes a look. If you have a […]