AFBF: Dropping Trump Era Tariffs Would Be Beneficial

One American Farm Bureau official says the U.S. and China want to reduce or drop Trump-era tariffs on a range of goods, possibly including farm goods, but any such deal if a far way from official. AFBF Senior Director of Congressional Relations Dave Salmonsen said both sides have signaled an interest in reducing the tariffs, […]

Tai Talks Ag Trade During Wednesday Hearing

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai took on a variety of Ag-related issues, during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing Wednesday, including China, USMCA and the war in Ukraine. Tai listed administration trade wins, including in agriculture, refuting GOP criticism it hasn’t been enough. “Lifted retaliatory tariffs on billions of dollars of agricultural exports, the […]

USDA Expects China To Remain Top Export Destination

Despite not living up to their Phase One trade agreement, China is still the top export market for U.S. agricultural products. “We’re glad to see that exports have bounced back, if you will, in that market.  2021 saw three times the level of exports than in 2018 when we had the trade dispute,” said Agriculture […]

Vilsack/Tai Discuss China Shortcomings

During February’s USDA Outlook Forum, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai discussed China during. “The overall relationship with China is a really, really important one; profoundly consequential.  But it is also a complicated one and becoming increasingly complex.” Tai said U.S./China trade talks focus on the phase one deal. “It was […]

Nigh: Export Outlook Good News For Farmers, Ranchers

Last week, the USDA released its export forecast. American Farm Bureau Federation Senior Economist Veronica Nigh said the projections spell good news for farmers and ranchers. “USDA is projecting another banner year for U.S. ag exports. They’re projecting, in fiscal year ‘22, ag exports will reach a record $183 billion, which is up over 11 […]

USTR Releases Annual Report on China’s WTO Compliance

China failed to reach the Phase One Agreement commitments to purchase U.S. goods and services, including agricultural commodities. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office revealed the data in a more than 70-page report this week. “The reality is that this Agreement did not meaningfully address the more fundamental concerns that the United States has with China’s […]

Nigh: 2021 A Good Year For Exports But Potential Remains

According to the USDA, 2021 farm and food exports totaled $177 billion, an 18% year-over-year increase, and nearly 15% higher than the previous record set in 2014. “Of course, increased commodity prices and rising global inflation contributed to that,” said American Farm Bureau Federation Senior Economist Veronica Nigh. “About two-thirds of that increase can be […]

Administration Considering New Tariffs on China Over Phase One Deal

The Biden administration is looking at the possibility of new tariffs on China if they can’t persuade Beijing to live up to its failed commitments under the Phase One trade deal. Reuters said the administration is looking at other possibilities, including a closer working relationship with allies to present a united front against China. Myron […]

China Didn’t Meet Phase One Commitment

When it was all said and done, China wound up $16 billion short of achieving its obligations under the Phase One Trade Deal. The Biden administration is looking for ways to keep China buying agricultural products. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack told the House Ag Committee last week that the administration is “putting them on notice […]

Now That Phase One Is Done, What Does Trade Between U.S. & China Look Like?

The Phase One trade agreement between the U.S. and China recently came to a close, even though China didn’t meet the purchase requirements in the agreement. However, the end of Phase One doesn’t mean the end of ag trade between the two countries. Dan Whitley, the administrator of the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, said China’s […]