Final EIS Calls For Snake River Dams To Remain

On Friday, the federal government released it’s Final Environmental Impact Statement regarding the four lower Snake River dams. In the report, the Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation and BPA called for spilling more water over the dams at strategic times to help fish migrate faster. The three agencies said they looked at balancing […]

Dye: I’m Concerned About Food Supply Chain, Global Economy

How concerned should the American people be about problems with the food supply chain brought on by the coronavirus pandemic? One Washington state lawmaker says we should be very concerned. Mary Dye, a farmer from the Pomeroy area, said the disruptions to the food supply chain, whether it’s meat, dairy or produce has forced consumers […]

Potato Growers To Donate Tons Of Spuds Wednesday

In an effort to help eastern Washingtonians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to move potatoes that don’t have a destination, a host of growers will donate nearly 20 tons of spuds in Ritzville Wednesday morning. Pomeroy representative Mary Dye, who serves on the Washington state Food Policy Forum, says demand for potatoes from area […]

Last Minute Carbon Bill Leads To Frustration In Ag Community

Many in the farming community feel the Ag industry was, at the very least, left out of many legislative conversation this year in Olympia. And some feel legislation targeted Washington Farmers. For example, as logger, farmers and others rallied last week in Olympia protesting House Bill 1110, the Low Carbon Fuel Standards, lawmakers introduction House […]

Dye: 2020 Legislative Session Could Be Concerning For Washington Farm Country

Less than nine weeks remain in 2019, which means it’s time to start thinking about the 2020 legislative sessions for both Washington and Oregon.  Washington state representative Mary Dye said when looking back at this year’s session, there were several “interesting” pieces of legislation that unfairly targeted the farming industry.  The Pomeroy Republican said several […]

Dye: Seattle Should Address Their Problems Before Trying To Remove Snake River Dams

The Inland Northwest farming community spent much of 2019 hot under the collar, primarily because of Governor Jay Inslee’s decision to allocate $750,000 in state funds to a study looking at the economic impact of removing the lower Snake River dams.  State Representative Mary Dye said this is just the latest effort in decades of […]

Dye: D.C. Needs to Put Aside Politics And Address Trade

Last week, much of the Ag community took to the National Mall in Washington D.C. and rallied in support of a ratification vote for USMCA.  The rally saw members of both political parties, members of past Administrations calling on lawmakers to ratify the updated NAFTA.  Lawmakers in the Northwest continue to call on their federal […]