Meyer: Run On Meat Prices “Impressive”

USDA Chief Economist, Seth Meyer, said consumers are watching what he calls an “impressive run” on meat prices. “We had really fantastic meat demand in the United States. 2020 was a record high or capita use. So domestic consumption of meat was record high in 2020. a little bit lower in 2021 and I think […]

Vilsack: We Continue To Look At Issues In The Livestock Sector

“It’s an extraordinary set of complex factors to be examined when we talk about the livestock industry in the United States,” Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack recently told House lawmakers as he addressed a review of the livestock industry, as well as current and future challenges. “Our inventories are down in beef, and pork, and poultry […]

Is This Another Boom Time For U.S. Ag?

The USDA is forecasting net farm income this year the highest since 2013, while net cash income the highest since 2014. And USDA Chief Economist noted at that time, “We were kind of in that boom period there in terms of very strong farm income.” So are we in another boom time for agriculture? Meyer […]

U.S. Red Meat Exporters and Latin American Buyers Reunite at USMEF Event

More than 130 red meat buyers from 21 countries across Central and South America and the Caribbean recently gathered at the U.S. Meat Export Federation Latin American Product Showcase. The event was held annually from 2011-2019 before the COVID pandemic forced a postponement in 2020. The showcase, held August 25-26, is well-established as a go-to […]

NCBA, NFU Welcome USDA Product of USA Action

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and National Farmers Union support the top to bottom review of the Product of the USA label. The review, announced last week by the USDA, follows a vote to strengthen the regulation by the Federal Trade Commission. NCBA President Jerry Bohn says, “NCBA members have voiced concerns about the potentially […]

United States, Taiwan Talk Trade and Investments Priorities

The United States and Taiwan held the eleventh Trade and Investment Framework Agreement, or TIFA, Council meeting last week. The discussions, held virtually, focused on enhancing the longstanding trade and investment relationship between the United States and Taiwan. The TIFA establishes council meetings as the key mechanism for trade and investment dialogue between the U.S. […]

USDA: Beef, Pork Demanded Expected To Increase

World Agricultural Outlook Board Chair Mark Jekanowski  on the main take away from June’s Meat Production and Price forecast. “Our steer price forecast we raised our 2021 steer price forecast by 75 cents CWT just reflecting current price strength that we’ve been seeing in the market. But we raised our hog price forecast even much […]

UC Davis: COVID Cases In Meatpacking Plants Costs Rural Economies Over $11 Billion

One of the sectors of the Ag community hit especially hard during the spread of COVID-19 last year was meatpacking plants nationwide. But, according to UC Davis, the impact was much more severe than initially thought. Researchers say an estimated 334,000 cases of COVID-19 are attributable to meatpacking plants, resulting in $11.2 billion in economic […]

Jekanowski Expects Higher Steer Prices

World Board Outlook Chair, Mark Jekanowski, said there were pretty small changes in USDA’s beef production forecast. “What we’re seeing there is an increased slaughter forecast for the second half of the year being largely offset by lighter carcass weights.” He said the situation with pork is a bit different. “We pulled back our pork […]

Peel: Strong Demand Fueling Higher Beef Cattle Prices

Strong demand is fueling higher beef cattle prices this spring, that according to livestock market economist Dr. Derrell Peel. Peel said demand for all the meats is strong right now, especially for beef. “If you look across all the meats, beef, pork and poultry prices are all at the wholesale level running very strong. So, […]