How Do USDA Trade Missions Benefit Ag Industry?

What are some of the benefits and opportunities for farm, and food commodity groups and businesses involved in USDA led agricultural trade missions?  Darren Armstrong of the U.S. Grains Council said it is both identifying new markets and what markets are ready for expansion.   “You find some place that there’s some potential that is […]

McKinney: 2020 Trade Missions Hold Great Potential

According to the USDA’s Ted McKinney, there is business, and a lot of it, to be had with several countries in North Africa, as well as the Philippines, Spain, Portugal, Peru, United Arab Emirates and many others.   When recently announcing the USDA’s 2020 trade mission agenda, he pointed out.   “Four of these are brand new,” […]

USDA: Seven Trade Mission Trips Scheduled For 2020

The USDA announced Thursday it will sponsor seven agribusiness trade missions in 2020.  The goal will be to diversify and grow export opportunities around the world for American farmers and ranchers.   “I cannot overstate the immense value trade missions provide to the U.S. agriculture industry and our customers,” says USDA Undersecretary for Trade and […]