USDA Looking To Expand Meat/Poultry Processing Capacity

Following President Biden’s Executive Order, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced significant investments to expand the nation’s meat and poultry processing capabilities. “At the Department of Agriculture we utilize $500 million dollars in the forms of grants, loans, loan guarantees and technical assistance, and planning assistance to assist those who are considering or thinking about developing […]

Poultry Supply Chain Slowing Down as Demand Rises

Chicken is in such high demand that U.S. restaurants and processing companies are having trouble keeping up. Supply challenges are hitting all sorts of chains that serve chicken, including bone-in chains, burger joints that sell chicken sandwiches, pizza chains selling wings, as well as traditional wing restaurants. The problem has led to higher chicken prices, […]

Peel: Strong Demand Fueling Higher Beef Cattle Prices

Strong demand is fueling higher beef cattle prices this spring, that according to livestock market economist Dr. Derrell Peel. Peel said demand for all the meats is strong right now, especially for beef. “If you look across all the meats, beef, pork and poultry prices are all at the wholesale level running very strong. So, […]

USDA: Exports To China Up Considerably

When looking back on the first five months of fiscal year 2021, Ag exports to China has increased considerably. “China’s purchases were $20.2 billion, up 182% from that same period in 2020.” USDA Economist, Bart Kenner, said China is buying more of practically every major US crop. So, for example, in dollar terms for the […]

Poultry Industry Facing a Tough Year in 2021

Like many sectors of agriculture in 2020, COVID-19 caused a big disruption to the poultry industry. Unfortunately, RaboResearch said the global poultry industry will face even more challenges in 2021, especially in the first half of the year. That according to new data in the RaboResearch 2021 Poultry Quarterly. COVID-19 will place continuing pressure on […]

Despite Pandemic, Trade Front Remains Active For America Farmers

As 2020 draws to a close, the United States is busy working to improve things on the trade front for American farmers. There was a lot of talk in farm county this year about China, and what the country said it would buy, and what it was actually buying. Dave Salmonsen, senior director of congressional […]

USDA: Prices Index Up In September

Friday’s USDA Ag report shows the prices received by farmers nationwide increased for nearly every commodity in September. And as Gary Crawford explains that pushed the September Price Index Up 0.9% from August’s numbers, and roughly 1% higher than September a year ago. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call […]

Organic Sales Continue To Increase, All NW States In Top Ten

According to numbers from the recent Organic Survey released by the USDA, sales of certified organic commodities increased 31% increase between 2016 and 2019. Livestock and poultry products, primarily milk and eggs, continue to be the top revenue generator, but only increased by only 12% during that three year time period. Crops increased by 38% […]

USDA Outlook Forecasts Increased Exports

U.S. agricultural exports in fiscal year 2021 are projected at $140.5 billion, up $5.5 billion from previous estimates. Earlier this week the Department of Agriculture released its Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade report. The report says the increase is primarily driven by higher exports of soybeans and corn. Soybean exports are forecast up $4.2 billion […]

USDA Announces Public Meeting on Salmonella: State of the Science

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service will host a virtual public meeting on Salmonella next month. Federal agencies included in the meeting will discuss the commitment to reduce pathogen contamination to decrease salmonella infections associated with regulated food items. The week before the public meeting, USDA’s Office of Food Safety will release the “Roadmap […]