Huber Broadband Needs To Be Part of Sustainability Conversation

As the Ag community works on improving sustainability and shrinking the industry’s carbon footprint, Betsy Huber says ensuring the latest technology must be part of the conversation. The President of the National Grange said sustainability means both preserving and conserving the soil, the water, the land, as well as the economic stability of U.S. farmers. […]

Making Connections of Ag Innovation

More consumers are making the connection of how innovation and technology benefit both agriculture, and in turn, the availability of products for their use. That is due, in part, to a greater outreach by the farm and food sectors to consumers. For example, John Deere’s involvement in the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. […]

Thieves Are Targeting Precision Ag Equipment

According to Farm Progress, producers need to keep an eye on their precision ag equipment, such as auto-guidance monitors and antennas. An ag store in central Illinois was set to send some equipment for field demonstrations at the 2021 Farm Progress show when a representative showed up to take the tractor there and couldn’t find […]

CoBank: Ag Retailing Future Driven by Precision

A new report from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange says the Ag retailer of the future has an opportunity to earn more income from precision agronomy services and emerging sustainability management programs. Traditional crop input sales will continue to be a boon for retailers in the future. However, the report said the current strong financial returns that […]

AEM Welcomes Precision Agriculture Loan Act

Last week, a pair of farm state senators introduced the Precision Agriculture Loan Act. Nebraska Republican Deb Fischer and Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar say their bipartisan legislation would create a program within the Department of Agriculture to provide loan financing to farmers and ranchers interested in purchasing precision agriculture equipment. Precision agriculture is defined as […]

Where Is Precision Ag Used The Most?

There was a new category in the latest edition of the USDA’s farm computer and technology use survey, taking a look at how producers nationwide use precision agriculture practices. “Precision agriculture is a very broad question. It includes anything from GPS monitoring, guidance of tractors, yield monitoring, irrigations systems, electronic tagging of livestock, robotic milking, […]

Work Continues To Map Broadband Needs

Estimates vary on what it will cost to bring high speed Internet access to every home in rural America. Vickie Robinson with Microsoft Global Airband Initiative, recently told a House Ag Committee it could cost between $60-$80 billion to fill the many gaps that exist in broadband service. “I submit, however, that it’s hard to […]

Schrier: Broadband Is Vital For Rural Washington

On Tuesday, Washington Representative Kim Schrier participated in a House Ag Committee hearing focused on rural broadband. Lawmakers focused not only on internet connectivity needs, but also opportunities that exist in rural America. Schrier said a lack of broadband access in rural Washington holds the farming community back in a variety of ways. “Limited rural […]

Idaho Looks To Expand Precision Ag Education Efforts Thanks to CHS Foundation Gift

Thanks to a recent gift from the CHS Foundation, the University of Idaho plants to promoted precision agriculture to the next generation of farmers. Nanci Lilja, President of the CHS Foundation says precision ag is going to be more important in tt he future as the farm sector focuses more and more on sustainability. “I […]

Case IH: Autoguidance Can Help Drive Efficiency In 2021

As producers get ready to hit the fields for the 2021 growing season, many are looking for ways to improve accuracy and increase profit potential on their operation. Chris Ehman, Marketing Manager for Precision Solutions & Telematics at Case IH Aftermarket Solutions, says autoguidance is one way growers can drive efficiency in 2021. “It is […]