USDA Updates 2021 Farm Income Forecast

USDA’s Economic Research Service updated farm sector profit projections Wednesday, which are expected to increase in 2021. ERS forecasts inflation-adjusted net cash farm income, which is gross cash income minus cash expenses, to increase $12.6 billion to $133 billion. U.S. net farm income is forecast to increase by $18.4 billion from 2020 to $116.8 billion […]

USDA: While Still Above 2020 Levels Most Commodity Prices Fell In October

The latest USDA prices index for October shows what many in the farming community already know; crop and livestock prices while still roughly 20% higher than a year ago are moderating. According to Gary Crawford, prices, in some cases dropped by 2% for crops and about 1% for livestock in October. If you have a […]

Science Is Key To Increasing Food Production, WSU Scientist Says

Some experts say to feed the world’s population by 2050, the farming community will need to boost production by 60%; and that includes livestock production. Washington State University Livestock Scientist, Dr. Jon Oatley said on the animal side it’s not only production that’s going to count. “The farm animal of the future will need to […]

Building a Coalition of Sustainable Production

It was an effort launched last September at the United Nations Food Systems Summit. “The sustainable productivity growth in food security and resource conservation coalition; the SPG Coalition,” Deputy Agriculture Secretary Jewel Bronaugh noted during a recent World Food Price virtual briefing. “The goal of this coalition is to accelerate sustainable agricultural productivity; growth that […]

Meyer: Production Costs Continue To Move Higher

According to the USDA, farmers this year will make 18% more than they did in 2020; $421.5 billion. Net chase income could grow by 21.5%.  That growth could have been larger but farmers have seen a substantial hike in production expenses. “There are very few things where production expenses are actually lower in 2021,” said […]

Students Gather to Ensure the Future of Agriculture

This week, 44 FFA members have gather in Indianapolis to discuss how agriculture will play a pivotal role in their future. It’s all part of the New Century Farmer conference, an opportunity for FFA members who plan to remain in production agriculture to work on their secession plans for success. During the week, participants will […]

Idaho Ag Looking At Address Land Lost To Urban Sprawl

It may be a slow process, but one that has many in the farming community concerned; the loss of farmland due to urban sprawl. According to the American Farmland Trust, between 2001-2016 eleven million acres of farmland was removed from production nationwide. That comes out to roughly 2,000 acres per day. Discussions have already started […]

What Impact Will Climate Priorities In D.C. Have On The American Farmer?

With the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate accord, talk of a return to WOTUS and much more in Washington D.C., many in farm country are concerned what long-term impacts the climate priorities of the Biden Administration will have on the agriculture community. During a recent roundtable discussion, Jay Truitt, of Policy Solutions LLC, as well […]