Animal Ag Organizations Launch Protein PACT

Earlier this week, U.S. animal agriculture groups announced the Protein PACT. The coalition is the first joint initiative designed to accelerate momentum and verify progress toward global sustainable development goals across the animal protein sector. The Protein PACT was submitted to the UN Food Systems Summit as a sustainability game changer, and sustainable livestock and […]

Darigold Announces Plans To Build $550M Facility In South Central Washington

Darigold plans to build a new state of the art facility near the Tri-Cities. The Port of Pasco announced Thursday the sale of approximately 150 acres of the Reimann Industrial Center to Darigold. Darigold said this purchase will allow them to construct the most sophisticated, large scale milk protein facility in North America, with more […]

China’s Protein Demand Could Benefit U.S. Producers

A significant international development that could have a big impact on American farmers is China’s strong demand for protein.  Fred Gale, with USDA’s ERS, said importing meat to China has kind of taken everyone by surprise. “Back in 2010 we projected that China would be importing roughly one million tons of meat by now.  And […]

How Do Dairy Producers Balance Nutrition And Expenses?

Achieving profitability in the dairy industry today can seem like a game of dominoes. Every decision connects other aspects of your operation; sometimes in unforeseen ways. Profits require high levels of milk production, which requires a large amount of high-quality feed. But how do farmers balance feed costs with nutrition and profit? Bill Weiss, a […]

Egg Board New Dietary Guidelines Show Benefits Of Eating Eggs

The 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee recently released its official scientific report. For the first time the organization is recommending “what to eat for health”, with specific guidelines for children from birth to two years old. The committee recently highlighted that the diets of pregnant women, infants and toddlers can be improved by including […]

USDA Anticipates Mixed Bag For Protein Industry

Livestock and poultry producers may see a mixed bag when it comes to feed and forge costs and availability for the remainder of this marketing year, and, in the next. USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam forecasted divergent feed prices for meat animals from 2019/2020, and the following year. “Prices of corn, which are a little […]