Dent Recognized Nationally For Work To Help Farmers, Ranchers, Pesticide Industry

In September, CropLife America recognized Moses Lake Representative Tom Dent with its State Leadership Award for his “support of farmers, ranchers and the pesticide industry” The Central Washington Republican said the national honor was humbling and completely caught him off guard. “She explained the award to me and then we hung up and I gave […]

IFBF Throws Support For Consumers To Purchase Meat From Ranchers

During the 81st annual meeting in early December, the Idaho Farm Bureau Federation voiced support for several proposals looking to make it easier consumers to purchase meat directly from ranchers across the state. Lori Anne Lau President of Caribou County Farm Bureau, said one proposal that received traction encourages the state to develop a meat […]

Larew: More Needs To Be Done To Help Cattle Industry, Prevent Supply Chain Issues

Food supply chain disruptions and how to reduce them in future as well as disease outbreaks were front-and-center recently at the House Small Business Committee. One of the farm leaders with suggestions was National Farmers Union chief Rob Larew. He told the panel last week that the pandemic has shown the food system needs structural […]

Kretz Pushing WDFW To Prioritize Radio Collars

What’s to be done about the growing wolf population in Washington, and the growing number of depredations attributed to those wolves?   Northeast Washington representative Joel Kretz, says for producers to protect their livelihood and their income, they need to know where the wolves are.  That’s why the Wauconda Republican introduced House Bill 2906, which […]

2020 Offers Fewer Tax Burdens for Farmers, Ranchers

The New Year brings less of a tax burden for farmers and ranchers when it comes to health insurance, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.   In spending bills passed by Congress before the holiday break, lawmakers included a permanent repeal of the Health Insurance Tax, which was enacted as part of the Affordable […]