Wine Minute: Washington Research Projects

The Washington state Wine Commission recently announced nearly $1 million for research efforts. The Commission’s Melissa Hansen takes a look at some of the projects that will receive funding. If you have a story idea for the PNW Ag Network, call (509) 547-1618, or e-mail [email protected]

USDA Announces Additional $80 Million for Long-Term Resilience in the Dairy Industry

Last week, the USDA announced an additional investment of $80 million in the Dairy Business Innovation Initiatives. In November, the program awarded $18.4 million to three current initiatives at the University of Tennessee, Vermont Agency for Food and Marketing and University of Wisconsin, and $1.8 million to a new initiative at Fresno State University. Under […]

Dryland Farmers Working With Latest Technology To Improve Yields

Dryland farming and practices related to it, have been around for centuries. Yet modern innovations and technologies are being increasingly incorporated into research to address issues such as sustainability and water management.  USDA researcher, Robert Lescano, said remote sensing data and satellite imagery are now being incorporated into research, with scientific collaboration across various disciplines. […]

USDA Using “One Health” Approach To Study Viruses

According to researchers, up to 75% of emerging infectious diseases in humans come from animals. And that includes COVID-19. Dr. Mike Watson, Associate Administrator at APHIS, is part of a proposed project just announced recently to create basically an early warning system of possible human disease outbreaks by doing more animal disease surveillance. “To identify […]

NIFA Announces $7 Million in Ag Research Grants

The USDA’s National Institute for Food and Agriculture announced more than $7 million in research grants to non-land-grant colleges and universities. “These grants aim to increase research, education, and outreach capacity at non-land-grant institutions to support the development of the innovations and workforce needed to sustain the agriculture industry in the future,” the Department said […]

Ag Coalition Calls for More Ag Research Funding

A coalition of agriculture groups and universities are calling on Congress and the Biden administration to increase funding for agricultural research. The groups say an increase of $40 billion is needed for agricultural research. In separate letters to President Joe Biden and House and Senate leadership, the groups say, “We strongly support a robust investment […]

USDA NIFA Invests $14 million in Ag Workforce Training

The USDA’s NIFA recently announced more than $14 million in workforce training grants. Awarded was $9.4 million in funding for 19 Agricultural Workforce Training grants, and 12 awards totaling $4.8 million for rural economic development projects. The grants are part of NIFA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. USDA said the Agricultural Workforce training grants will […]

How Have USDA Scientists Helps In Fight Against COVID-19

When COVID-19 took over every aspect of our lives in the U.S., scientists at USDA’s agricultural research service ramped up their focus on the Coronavirus. “what we did have was a level of expertise in the agency that we were able to re-direct some of our animal research scientists to this effort,” said ARS Administrator, […]

University of Missouri Announces Center for Regenerative Agriculture

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources plans to dive deeper into regenerative agriculture. CAFNR, as it’s known, announced the formation of the new Center for Regenerative Agriculture Monday. While there is no single definition for regenerative agriculture, some key elements of the practice include increasing soil health and biodiversity, conservation […]