Ag Coalition Calls for More Ag Research Funding

A coalition of agriculture groups and universities are calling on Congress and the Biden administration to increase funding for agricultural research. The groups say an increase of $40 billion is needed for agricultural research. In separate letters to President Joe Biden and House and Senate leadership, the groups say, “We strongly support a robust investment […]

USDA NIFA Invests $14 million in Ag Workforce Training

The USDA’s NIFA recently announced more than $14 million in workforce training grants. Awarded was $9.4 million in funding for 19 Agricultural Workforce Training grants, and 12 awards totaling $4.8 million for rural economic development projects. The grants are part of NIFA’s Agriculture and Food Research Initiative. USDA said the Agricultural Workforce training grants will […]

How Have USDA Scientists Helps In Fight Against COVID-19

When COVID-19 took over every aspect of our lives in the U.S., scientists at USDA’s agricultural research service ramped up their focus on the Coronavirus. “what we did have was a level of expertise in the agency that we were able to re-direct some of our animal research scientists to this effort,” said ARS Administrator, […]

University of Missouri Announces Center for Regenerative Agriculture

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources plans to dive deeper into regenerative agriculture. CAFNR, as it’s known, announced the formation of the new Center for Regenerative Agriculture Monday. While there is no single definition for regenerative agriculture, some key elements of the practice include increasing soil health and biodiversity, conservation […]

WSU Study: Rural Elderly Residents Less Likely Receive Needed Services

A recent study conducted by Washington State University shows older adults living in very rural settings are less likely than those living closer to urban centers to receive available health, nutrition and transportation services. Raven Weaver, assistant professor at WSU, noted while service disparities between rural and urban older adults are well known, these findings […]

CBB Approves 2021 Checkoff Plan

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board will invest approximately $39,380,000 into programs designed for beef promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing, and producer communications during the Fiscal Year 2021. At the end of its September meeting, the Beef Promotion Operating Committee approved checkoff funding for a total of 13 “Authorization Requests,” also known as grant […]

Many USDA Projects Have Common Goals

It’s not uncommon to see USDA research projects that on the surface look very different, but have common goals when it comes to improved sustainability, productivity, resiliency via technology, and bringing connected findings together in data collections. One of those according to researcher, Amanda Ashworth, is cattle selection and preference for one grazing area over […]

USDA Researchers Looking To Reduce Car v. Deer Collisions

Researches at USDA’s Wildlife Services say they have found a way to reduce deer v. vehicle collisions at night. “During low light conditions is when most deer-vehicle collisions occur in the United States and Canada,” said Travis DeVault. He worked on the project at USDA, and is now Associate Director for Research at the University […]

Mt. St. Helens Educates Decades Later

Since the eruption of Mt. St. Helens four decades ago, the area around the volcano in SW Washington has become a living lab for scientists around the world studying ecosystem recovery in the aftermath of catastrophic disaster. “Mt Saint Helens has gained such a notoriety. Now when eruptions occur in many places around the world, […]

NIFA To Study COVID-19 & Agriculture

USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, better known as NIFA, is looking at four areas in a new program to research the impact of COVID-19 on agriculture. “These will be health, well-being of farm and food service providers as all rural Americans,” said J. Scott Angle, NIFA director. “Second one would be the health […]