USDA Looks To Help School Districts Provide Meals

Those who provide school meals to students nationwide are reporting troubles doing their job. From food that’s not available to prices that are much higher than anticipated, busting the budgets of school districts. “…and it’s necessary for the Department of Agriculture to learn about these experiences and be able to respond accordingly,” noted Agriculture Secretary, […]

USDA Working to Strengthen School Meals

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack, Undersecretary for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services, Stacy Dean, and USDA Food and Nutrition Service Administrator Cindy Long recently held a listening session focused on school meals. The session took place with 19 school food industry executives to discuss their critical role in strengthening access to nutritious foods for school meals […]

USDA Extends School Meal Waivers

When the pandemic caused schools around the country to close, how did USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service respond? “At USDA our emergency response was defined by frantic issuances of waivers, and then extending the waivers, and then extending the waivers again as necessary. To maximize the flexibility for program operators and administrators while managing the […]

USDA Extends Free Meals to Children through Summer 2021 Due to Pandemic

The USDA announced Tuesday that the free meal program for children will continue this summer when classes are done. The USDA is extending the waivers that allow all children to continue to receive meals through the end of September. USDA officials say the waivers to provide clarity and certainty to local program operators for the […]

American Dairy Coalition Calls for Whole Milk to Return to Schools

The American Dairy Coalition wants to bring whole milk back to U.S. school lunchrooms. According to the proposed Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025, whole milk will continue to be banned from schools across the nation. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines are only updated and published every five years. The coalition said, “the time is now to […]

Perdue Extends School Meals Effort Though The Summer

Ag secretary Sonny Perdue, has announced that flexibilies to school meals programs will be extended through the summer. “We had to do many, many waivers initially in order get these kids fed,” Perdue recently said. “And it was amazing that communities reached up and reached out to get the kids fed.” The three flexibilities are […]

USDA Approves School Meals in Washington, California, During Coronavirus Closures

Over the weekend, the USDA approved requests from Washington as well as California to allow meal service during school closures to minimize potential exposure to the new coronavirus. The meals are available at no cost to low-income children, and are not required to be served in a group setting, to ensure kids receive nutritious meals […]

Crunch Pak Rolls Out SpongeBob Packaging

As children head back to school for the year, many of them will want to see a familiar face in their lunch.  Crunch Pack has announced it has partnered with Nickelodeon to create special packages of sliced fruit, featuring SpongeBob SquarePants characters.  The four-ounce snack packs, bundled eight to a package, will feature SpongeBob, Gary, […]