Dilley: OT Legislation A Good, Balanced Compromise

The Washington State Legislature passed a bill this session shifting overtime threshold rules for agricultural workers to anything over 40 hours by 2024. Washington State Dairy Federation Communications Director Scott Dilley said they were able to protect producers from retroactive pay for the past three years. “In that sense it seemed like a good balanced compromise. We have […]

Overtime, Taxes Key Issues For Dairy Industry During 2021 Washington Session

2020 was a difficult year for the Washington Dairy Industry. Not only did producers deal with the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, but the then came the November Supreme Court ruling on the Ag overtime exemption. Washington Dairy Federation Communications director, Scott Dilley, said things are tough on dairy farmers right now, because milk prices are not great […]

Dilley: OT Ruling The Latest Challenge Put Before Washington Dairy Farmers

Last week, the Washington Supreme Court ruled farmworkers must receive overtime pay, thus eliminating an exemption from the state’s minimum wage law the Ag industry has used for decades. The ruling will have a deep and direct impact on the Washington dairy industry. And according to Scott Dilley Communication Director for the state dairy federation, […]

Washington Dairy To Discuss Labor During Virtual Meeting Wednesday

The Washington State Dairy Federation will hold a virtual presentation Wednesday focused on a variety of labor topics and how they will impact those in the industry. Scott Dilley, Communications Director for the Dairy Federation, said WAFLA Director Dan Fazio and Human Resources Manager Pam Peters will address employment-related questions. “Where are we on workers’ comp […]

Northwest Dairy Industry To Be Recognized For Safety Efforts

Northwest dairy will be front and center when safety is honored in March.  The Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America has announced that eight individuals and organizations will be honored for leadership in agricultural safety as demonstrated through safety training, collaboration, promotion, education or research.   One of the organizations to be honored will […]