Oregon Remains Dry With Slightly Below Average Snowpack

According to the latest numbers from NRCS, the statewide snowpack for Oregon is not too far below average for this time of year, coming in a 87%. And while that’s not bad, the state continues to struggle with very dry conditions. Scott Oviatt with Oregon’s NRCS said while the state is getting snow, most of […]

Oregon Snowpack Good, Not Great, For This Time Of Year

The statewide snowpack in Oregon is currently sitting at 102% of average, but the devil is in the details. Scott Oviatt with NRCS in Oregon said some areas that typically see very little snow have already seen more snow that average, which makes these early numbers deceptive. As far as the snow totals go basin […]

Snowpack: A Tale Of Two Oregons

The statewide snowpack for Oregon is good shape, for mid-April, but the initial numbers don’t tell the whole story. Scott Oviatt with NRCS said statewide, Oregon is at 100% of average, on par with where it should be for this time of year. However, as you look basin to basin, he notes you’ll see incredible […]

Oregon Snowpack Looks Good, Officials Hoping For Cool Weather

As we hit the home stretch of the snow season, the Oregon snowpack is in fairly good shape. Scott Oviatt with the Oregon NRCS said while there has been a slight melt off across state over the past couple of days, the statewide snowpack remains 86% of average. He noted that much of the state […]

Oregon Snowpack Reported “Dramatic Growth” In January

Much like Washington, January was a good moth for the snowpack in Oregon.  Scott Oviatt with NRCS says the statewide snowpack increased from 45% on January 1st to 97% on February 1st.  He noted eastern Oregon saw the biggest gains in January.   “If you drew a line from the Owyhee Basin northwestward to The […]

Oregon Snowpack Shows Improvements, But Concerns Remain

The series of storms that have rolled across the northwest over the past couple of days have been very beneficial for the Oregon mountains.  According to Scott Oviatt with NRCS, the Oregon statewide snowpack is now at 79% of average, a considerable increase from early January.   “The last two weeks have been beneficial for […]

Oregon Snowpack Very Low After Dry November

While not at panic levels at this point, the snowpack, or lack of, in Oregon is concerning.  According to the NRCS, the statewide snowpack average is 56%.  When you look at individual basins, Scott Oviatt with the NRCS said the basins in the southern part of the state have fared better, thanks to storm systems […]

Oregon Snowpack Improved But Still Below Normal

The dry weather pattern continues to impact Oregon’s snowpack.  The latest statewide snowpack is 73% of average.  The best numbers are reported on the eastside of the state, where snowpacks are 91%-106% of average.  In Central Oregon, snowpacks drop to 75%-85% of normal.  And in the Oregon Cascades, snowpacks are around 65% of normal or […]