Roza Irrigation Crews Use Busy Off Season To Prepare For 2020

For many irrigation districts across the region, water will turn on for another season in the next couple of weeks. One district that’s been trying the make the most of a mild and dry winter is the Roza Irrigation District. Executive Director Scott Revell said one of their main projects this winter was piping 13 […]

Revell: Roza Crews Will Be Busy With Construction Work Over Next Three Months

Now that most of the main lines and canals are clear of water, officials with the Roza Irrigation District can turn their attention to a host of construction and improvement projects across the area.  Roza Executive Director Scott Revell said crews have a long to do list in front of them, and not a lot […]

Revell: Newhouse Legislation Would Benefit Local Irrigation Districts

Ask Scott Revell, manager of the Roza Irrigation District, he’ll tell you Dan Newhouse’s recently introduced Water Act would be a huge benefit for irrigation agriculture across the western U.S.  He says additional funding is sorely needed.  For example, he said while the Reclamation Act went in to effect in 1902, some irrigation canals across […]