Newhouse: Ag Labor Issue On Pause In Senate

As lawmakers start a new year in Washington D.C., one of the biggest questions the farming community is hoping to see addressed revolves around Ag labor and immigration reform. Dan Newhouse, coauthor of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, said despite passing the House, the legislation has stalled in the Senate, primarily because President Biden’s Build […]

Halstrom: Ocean Shipping Reform Act Great News For Beef Exporters

The U.S. Meat Export Federation is applauding the House of Representatives after passing the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which looks to make it easier for American Ag products to find a ride to overseas destinations. While red meat exports are on a record pace this year, USMEF President and CEO Dan Halstrom said shipping delays […]

Schrier’s Ocean Shipping Reform Act Clears The House

Last week, the House passed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, legislation cosponsored by Washington representative Kim Schrier, as an effort to address some of the supply chain issues. In recent months, ocean liners from China and other countries have been returning to their home ports empty after delivering to the U.S., making it hard for […]

Continuing Resolution Provides Much Needed Disaster Assistance for Agriculture

The Senate and the House passed a Continuing Resolution to fund federal agencies through December 3rd. The CR provides $10 billion in much-needed disaster relief for losses incurred by farmers and ranchers in 2020 and 2021. It also extends Livestock Mandatory Reporting through December 3rd. National Farmers Union President Rob Larew says this is good […]

Future Of Ag Immigration Reform Up In The Air

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled against the Democrats’ plan to provide eight million green cards as a part of their $3.5 trillion spending bill. According to The Hill, that decision makes getting immigration reform to President Biden’s desk much harder. The American Farm Bureau Federation noted that Ag labor reform in a partisan manner would […]

House Democrats Says Infrastructure Bill Is Moving Forward

The fate of a trillion-dollar Senate-passed infrastructure bill now rests on a commitment by House Democratic leaders to hold a late September vote, but still do so after a final budget package popular with progressives is ready. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Rules Chairman Jim McGovern guaranteed their offer to Democratic moderates, to hold a […]

Senate Approves Plan To Keep Stepped-Up Basis

As part of the recently approved $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill, the Senate agreed to preserve stepped-up basis, which many in the farming community say is critical to ensure farms can be passed down to the next generation. South Dakota Republican John Thune proposed an amendment to keep stepped-up basis and it received a 99-0 […]

Vilsack Goes To Congress To Discuss Ag Labor Concerns

As lawmakers continue deliberation how to best address issues associated with farm labor and availability. “I’m here today simply to advocate on behalf of American agriculture and these workers, maintain that the capacity of this great food and agriculture industry that can either provide the benefits that we all enjoy in this country, and at […]

Walmsley: Growing Climate Solution Act Remarkable Legislation

A bipartisan climate bill supported by several food and agriculture groups is making its way through Congress. Andrew Walmsley, director of congressional relations with the American Farm Bureau, called the Growing Climate Solutions Act a remarkable bill. “When you look at it from a bipartisan standpoint, we have over 50 members of the Senate, that’s […]

IDA Supports Undocumented Immigrants Getting Driving Privileges

The Idaho Dairy Industry has thrown its support behind state Senate Bill 1132, allowing undocumented immigrants the ability to obtain driving privileges within the state. The legislation also allows privileges to be issued to any Idahoan who doesn’t want the federal Star Card. Idaho Dairymen’s Association CEO Rick Naerebout said about half of Idaho’s Ag […]