Shagam Looks At Profit Trends In Cattle Industry

Who’s making money, and who isn’t making money, in the beef cattle business? When starting at the end point and working backwards, margins are quite firm. USDA Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said as far as cattle feed lots, those margins have been up and down all year. But that was not the case in October. […]

Record Setting Cattle Feedlot Numbers

Big numbers in Friday’s USDA report on cattle feedlots with capacities of 1000 head or more. For example just under two and a quarter head were placed in to feedlots in September. That’s on the high end of industry expectations; 6% higher than September 2019. And even  with marketings out of feedlots up 6% the […]

Cattle On Feed Numbers Remain High

The USDA’s most recent cattle feed lot report shows a lot of activity nationwide. First, the inventory of cattle and calves in feedlots (with capacity of 1,000 head or more) was 11.4 million head as of September 1st. According to USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam, that was the highest inventory level since 1996. “Despite the […]

Latest USDA Cattle Numbers Unchanged From Last Year

Taking a look at the USDA’s most recent cattle report, markets are fairly neutral at this point. Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagam, said figures from July 1st of this year are very similar to numbers from July 1st 2019, despite the supply chain disruptions we’ve seen. The number of all cattle and calves July 1st, is […]

USDA: Plenty Of Meat For 4th of July

Are you planning a big 4th of July cookout?  Well, according to the USDA’s Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam you won’t have to worry about finding your favorite meat items at the supermarket.  “We have seen production increase around the very low low levels we saw at the beginning of May.” Shagam said not only is […]

USDA: Retail Beef Supplies Improving

Beef supply numbers are rising to levels we have not seen for several months. After April and early May’s meat processing plant closures and slowdowns things began to turn around, “We began to see more and more plants coming online, we began to see more resilient speeds.” said USDA livestock analyst, Shayle Shagam. He added […]

USDA Expects Better Days For Cattle Market

Not only are the nation’s slaughter plants beginning to increase the number of head they’re processing, but cattle prices seemed to have bottomed out and are generally increasing as well. USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagum said 750 to 800 pound of feeders back in April 2019, a year ago, were fetching 146 dollars a hundred […]

USDA Reports Dramatic March Cattle Feed Numbers

The USDA’s most recent cattle feed lot activity report shows some fairly dramatic numbers for the month of March. USDA’s Livestock Analyst, Shayle Shagum said the numbers are dramatic: feedlot placements only about 1.6 million head, down 22% from March a year ago; lowest March placement number on record, leaving feedlots April first with 11.3 […]

USDA Anticipates Mixed Bag For Protein Industry

Livestock and poultry producers may see a mixed bag when it comes to feed and forge costs and availability for the remainder of this marketing year, and, in the next. USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam forecasted divergent feed prices for meat animals from 2019/2020, and the following year. “Prices of corn, which are a little […]

Beef Prices Drop Slightly

According to the USDA, while small, beef cattle price declined in early February, but a very sharp decline year-over-year. “Last week, the average five-area steer price, that we track as our benchmark, was $109 per hundred-weight, which was down from about $127 a year ago,” said USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam. That translates into a […]