WSDA Works To Keep Washington Ag Industry Safe, Disease Free

For a state so dependent on agricultural products and Ag trade, the number of people tasked with preventing the introduction of harmful pests and plant diseases may surprise you. The Washington state Department of Agriculture’s WSDA Plant Services Program consists of 11 inspectors statewide. Their responsibilities vary from export inspections for ag products like lumber, […]

WSU Out With Soil Health Roadmap

Washington State University is out with a 124-page Roadmap that outlines the current challenges, as well ways to help maintain healthy soils statewide. Chris Benedict, WSU Regional Extension Specialist, said this Roadmap is part of the Soil Health Initiative approved by state lawmakers in 2020. He noted the Roadmap unites groups that typically would not […]

WSDA Looking To Study Soil Health Statewide

The Washington Natural Resources Assessment Section is looking for your input to better understand soil health statewide. In Spring of 2020, state lawmakers created the Washington Soil Health Initiative, provided up to $200,000 for soil health and research. Those funds were combined with a $500,000 USDA specialty crop block grant. Now, researchers are adding soil […]

UI Facility Will Allow Scientists To Do Cutting Edge Deep Soil Research

Earlier this year, the University of Idaho was awarded $18.9 million to establish a one-of-a-kind deep soil research facility. Thanks to the grant from the National Science Foundation, the U of I’s Deep Soil Ecotron will enable scientist to conduct experiments on columns of soil up to ten feet deep. University of Idaho’s Dr. Mike […]

USDA Awards $25 Million For Conservation Innovation Projects

The USDA is awarding $25 million to conservation partners across the country for 18 new projects under the Conservation Innovation Grants On-Farm Conservation Innovation Trials program. The On-Farm Trials’ projects support the widespread adoption and evaluation of innovative conservation approaches in partnership with farmers and ranchers. This year’s awarded projects accomplish goals like increasing the […]

Ideal 2022 Soil Health Starts Now

It’s time to start thinking about next season’s soil health. The Mosaic Company’s Crop Nutrition Lead, Taylor Purucker said the right management practices now will make sure your soil health is top-notch in 2022. Plan ahead to order fertilizers as part of an advanced crop nutrition strategy to build soil health in your fields. He […]

How Does Farm Management Impact Soil Health?

All farmers these days are interested in improving soil health, but not everyone may know exactly what that means or takes. Dr. Brian Gardener, Ag Spectrum Technical Director, said it’s important to know the basics of soil health and how farm management decisions can impact your soil and your yields. “Soil Health is, simply put, […]

USDA Launches First Phase of Soil Carbon Monitoring Efforts through CRP

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing $10 million in a new initiative to sample, measure, and monitor soil carbon on Conservation Reserve Program acres. The investment seeks to better quantify the climate outcomes of the program. USDA said CRP is an important tool in the Nation’s fight to reduce the worst impacts of climate change facing our farmers, […]

Cargill Introduced Regenerative Ag Revenue Stream for Farmers

One year ago, Cargill committed to advance regenerative agriculture practices across ten million acres of land in North America by 2030. Cargill has been enrolling farmers in Cargill RegenConnect, a new regenerative agriculture program that pays farmers for improved soil health and positive environmental outcomes, including payment per metric ton of carbon sequestered. The new […]

WSU Looks To Electric Current To Measure Soil Health

In the ongoing effort to monitor soil health, Washington State University researchers have turned to electric currents as a new tool. Researcher, Abdul Mohamed, said they measure microorganism activity levels by measuring electric currents on electrodes placed in the soil. “It goes back to a fundamental idea in biology that all life, we generate energy by […]