Northwest Soils Very Dry For Early April

Soils continue to dry out a cross the Northwest. According to the latest numbers from NASS, 12% of Idaho’s topsoil moisture is very short, while 14% if short. In Washington 15% of the topsoil moisture is very short, while 32% is short. And in Oregon, 25% of the topsoil moisture is very shot, with another […]

Northwest Drought Numbers Improve But Far From Normal

Drought conditions across the Northwest improved this week, but that does not mean the region is where is should be for this time of year. Oregon continues to struggle with drought, with nearly 22% of the state under a D3 designation, or Extreme Drought, and 55% at a D2, or Severe Drought. In fact only […]

What Impact Is The Updated NASA MOU Is Having On Ag?

The partnership between USDA and NASA has been invigorated by the Memorandum of Understanding signed in December. “This is the third MOU I’m aware of, and it’s a long line of cooperation between USDA and NASA; especially with soil moisture,” noted Mike Cosh, research hydrologist with the Agricultural Research Service.”NASA’s very good about launching satellites […]

Northwest Water Year In Good Shape

After weeks of weather that didn’t feel like winter, the chill of season has returned. Temperatures, specifically the overnight lows, have cooled off considerably compared to the numbers we saw just a few days ago. When it comes to precipitation, the past couple of days have been quiet across the northwest. But, according to meteorologist […]

Northwest Remains Very Dry

Despite recent rain and snow showers, the Northwest remains very dry. The latest topsoil numbers from the USDA have 92% of the state of Oregon Abnormally Dry, 84% under a Moderate Drought, 69% of the state under a D-2, or Severe Drought, while nearly 30% of the state is under a D-3 or Extreme Drought. […]

Lack Of Snow Across The U.S. Is Concerning, Rippey Says

Snow accumulation has been fairly light across not only the west, but much of the country. “In the western area, still very early in the season but snow cover is so important to water supply which leads  to irrigation water the following spring and summer,” said USDA Meteorologist, Brad Rippey. He noted there has not […]

NRCS Discusses Conservation Efforts Now And Into The Future

When it comes to conservation efforts by the USDA, in what areas is the Department focusing on now and into the future? “Certainly irrigation technology is moving very quickly,” said Kevin Norton is acting Chief of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. “There are new delivery systems that are available that reduce the energy consumption in […]

Driest Fields Reported In Western U.S.

When taking a look at the latest picture of pasture and rangeland conditions nationwide, USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey said fields continue to dry out. “Conditions across the country relatively steady as we head toward the end of the season. 43% of the pasture and rangeland rated very poor to poor, 20% good to excellent, and […]

Extreme Drought Declared In Washington, Expanding In Oregon

The results of a long, hot, dry summer became official Thursday, as the USDA declared an Extreme Drought, or D-3 designation for Central Washington, stretching from Okanogan County to the Oregon border. National Weather Service Meteorologist Marilyn Lohmann said the new designation follows the rain shadow created by the Cascades. “Even through that area does […]

Warm Weather Returns To Northwest For First Portion Of September

Many across the region were spoiled with temperatures dropping considerably Sunday and early this week. But hopes for an early fall will quickly fade this week as we’ll see temperatures anywhere from 5-10 degrees above normal. Marilyn Lohmann meteorologist with the National Weather Service said the Northwest will see a strong high pressure systems settle […]