Expectations For Area Row Crops Mixed Into 2022

Today’s Northwest Farm Credit Services quarterly commodity snapshot series takes a look at row crops across the PNW. Bill Perry, Vice President at NWFCS, said their 12-month outlook projects that contract potato producers will be profitable. “Open potato returns are projected to be slightly profitable. The amount of uncontracted potatoes acres will likely decrease as […]

ISGA Expands, Changes Name

The Idaho Sugarbeet Growers Association is no more. The organization announced Tuesday is has expanded membership to the west now including Oregon and Washington growers. And with that expansion comes a new name, Snake River Sugarbeet Association, which represents 700 growers across the PNW on a combined 180,000 acres, accounting for nearly seven million tons […]

Despite Heat, Drought, 2021 A Good Year For Idaho Sugar Beet Growers

The summer was one for the record book here in the Pacific Northwest. But despite unprecedented heat and drought, one industry that fared very well was sugar beets. Brad Griff, Executive Director of the Idaho Sugar Beet Growers Association, says he was pleasantly surprised how well the beets weathered everything 2021 threw their way. “We […]

NASS: NW Potato Production Slipped This Year While Sugarbeets Report Growth

Potato production across the Pacific Northwest is down this year. According to NASS, potato production in Idaho is forecast at 132 million cwt., down 2% from last year. Harvested area, at 314,500 acres, is up 15,000 acres from 2020. Yield is expected to be 420 cwt. per acre, down 30 cwt. from 2020. Production in […]

Sugarbeet Growers Talk Policy During Virtual Fly-In

Legislation to help Sugarbeet growers in all 11 beet producing states was one of the main topics during the American Sugarbeet Growers Association’s recent virtual fly-in. Luther Markwart, executive director of ASGA, said he and the organization worked to educate lawmakers about sugar policy and the issues impacting growers. Between the pandemic and the January […]

Value of Idaho Ag Up 4% In 2020

According to NASS, the value of agricultural production in Idaho hit $8.4 billion in 2020, up 4% year over year; the value of Idaho’s crop production in 2020 was $3.61 billion, up 8% from 2019. The value of livestock production in 2020 totaled $4.79 billion, up less than 1% from the previous year. The rankings […]

Perry: PNW Row Crops In Good Shape

As we start our third installment of our Northwest Farm Credit Services Quarterly Commodity Snapshot Series, we turn our attention to local row crops. “Slightly profitable returns are expected for contract potato producers. Uncontracted potato producers will benefit from higher prices as modestly lower yields are realized,” said Bill Perry is Vice President at NWFCS. […]

Griff: Early Sugar Beet Harvest Looks Good

While weeks remain on the 2021 sugar beet harvest, Brad Griff, Executive Director of the Idaho Sugarbeet Growers Association, said this year’s harvest is off to a good start. He said that’s welcomed news since 2021 started off with some challenges, thanks to strong winds and cold temperatures, making it hard to get the crop […]

NW Sugarbeet Production Expected To Be Higher, While Dry Pea Expected To Be Lower

Production expectations for several key commodities across the northwest are out as we quickly approach harvest. According to NASS, Idaho sugarbeet production is forecast at 6.99 million tons, up 2% from 2020 production. Harvested area, at 170,000 acres, is up 1,000 acres from 2020. Yield is expected to be 41.1 tons per acre, up 0.7 […]

Griff: 2021 Sugar Beet Crop Looks Good

Despite record heat and drought, it looks like 2021 will be a fairly good year for sugar beet growers in Idaho. According to Idaho Sugar Beet Growers Association Executive director, Brad Griff, the crop is on track for a good year with two months to go before harvest. “We’re on pace for a decent year. […]