Syngenta Rolls Out New Seed Treatment To Help PNW Cereal Growers

Earlier this spring, Syngenta received EPA approval for their newest seed treatment fungicide to help cereal growers in the Pacific Northwest. David Belles with Syngenta said Trebuset will benefit growers in the fight against Fusarium. “This will be used in combination with our other seed treatments such as Sedaxane, Vibrance,  Varaxatonea and Dividend Extreme.  And […]

Ag Businesses Report Favorable First Quarter Earnings

Earning reports topped headlines on Wall Street this week, and agriculture businesses seem to be doing well. Syngenta reported first-quarter sales of $7.1 billion, up 20% year over year. BASF reported first-quarter sales were up 16 percent, to 19.4 billion euros, or $23.52 billion. AGCO reported sales for the first quarter were approximately $2.4 billion, […]

Syngenta Rolls Out New Wheat Seed Variety For PNW

Syngenta is out with a new AgriPro wheat seed variety that company officials say will help with consistent performance. In early-September, Syngenta announced AP Venom, an AgriPro brand hard Red Spring Wheat that has been tested for both spring and falling plantings. Riley Hille with AgriPro said AP Venom is an excellent example of the top-performing […]

How Can Technology Help Ag Retailers?

Innovative technologies have revolutionized some of the oldest farming practices, including scouting and pest management, and are reshaping the future of agriculture. Peyton Merriam, Syngenta Digital Ag Solutions Marketing Lead, said drone technology can empower retailers to better support their customers by helping them save time in the field and make more precise decisions. “Lots […]

Syngenta Named Top Ag Employer in 2019

A Science Magazine survey names Syngenta as one of the world’s leading biotech employers – and the top agriculture employer.  The 2019 Science Careers Top Employers Survey ranked Syngenta ten out of 20 top employers in biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical and related industries.  This marks the tenth year of recognition by the global survey.   […]

A Variety Of Digital Careers Remain Open In Ag

Syngenta, like many other companies in the Ag industry, works every day to help growers apply digital solutions to real-world problems.  Technical data analyst Kelly Bumpus, grew up on a farm in the South, and she uses her background to turn that effort into results.   “In my current role in digital ag solutions, I […]

When Herbicides Fail

There’s no magic bullet to weed control.  No matter how much you work toward fighting unwanted weeds, resistance continues to build and spread.  Zack Trower, Agronomist with Syngenta, says it’s important to make the most of your weed control program.   “When we talk about some problems that guys are seeing, I generally break it […]

Syngenta: Talinor A Good Option For Dryland Growers

Producers of Syngenta’s Talinor herbicide say it helps growers control difficult weeds. Brent Lackey, herbicide product lead at Syngenta, said good weed control starts with keeping a close eye on your fields.   “Really, the most difficult weeds that growers really need to be aware of are kochia, Russian thistle, wild buckwheat and common lambsquarters. Particularly […]

WSU Oilseed Workshops To Visit Wilbur, Clarkston

Washington State University will hold their first oilseed workshops of 2019 later this month.  The first will be on January 23rd in Wilbur, with the second in Clarkston on the 25th.  WSU’s Karen Sowers said workshops this year will focus on stand establishment.   “Some people associate that with winter canola only, but I think […]